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CPT Ard Royber, aslo known as 'everlasting captain' (as he has this rank more than seven years, since 07/17/2002), is one of the numerous pilots of the glorious TIE Corps. One of the thousands nameless fellows in black helmets, flying unshielded fighters in the very hell of space battles.


Historians are not sure about exact details of his biography. Some of them believe, that Ard Royber was born on 07/10/08 BBY, but after the Timeshift no one could be sure, though. Anyway, we know exactly that Royber was recruited to the military service after the fall of the Galactic Empire, so he saw the glory of the New Order only in his childhood. Admittedly, Royber is from Rusia System by origin, but nowadays this system is formally under New Republic control. And we all know, that there is a true chaos on such territories.


From 04/11/2002 to 09/09/2002 - Epsilon Squadron Commander


While beeing in Reserves, he had to return to his native system. Unfortunately, it had alredy fallen into the hands of bandits and terrorists. That's why he had to hide in woods for several years. Finally, he had to sell his awards in order to get onboard of a smuggler's ship. So, he managed to return into the EH space, but without even a Commedation of Bravery :)

Preceded by
CMDR Epsilon Squadron
April 2002-September 2002
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