Delak Krennel

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Delak Krennel
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Delak was born on Corulag in the years before the first Death Star destruction at Yavin. He was Prince-Admiral of the Corulagian Royal Guard and was also an understudy to Grand Admiral Thrawn. He lost his arm in an accident involving Thrawn and it was replaced by a robotic prosthetic. At around 9ABY he was thought to have been killed but he wasn't. He managed to use the latent force powers he had learned to partially protect himself and escape the destruction of his flag ship at the hands of Wedge Antilles and his Wraith Squadron. After he escaped he had to recover because his body had been badly damaged so he headed to Kamino for a clone body to be made for him to transfer his conscientiousness into and had one arm made robotic just like he had after his accident. He joined the Emperors Hammer Tie Corps and the Dark Brotherhood and The Hammers Fist because of his knowledge in the field of battle. There he remains as a high ranking MAJOR in the Tie Corps a Sith Battlemaster in the Brotherhood and a Lieutenant Colonel in the Hammer's Fist.