Diamond Heart of Infiltration

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Diamond Heart of Infiltration
Award Information


Award Classification:

Combat Award


Infiltrator Wing

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The Diamond Heart of Infiltration is the highest Combat award a member of the Infiltrator Wing can be presented with. It is not as highly converted as the BCI however, it retains it's own specific identity and importance. The DHI is awarded to those Infiltrator Wing members who have shown long and dedicated service while flying IW and EH custom missions and battles as well as participating in the Infiltrator Wing Melee. Members who are awarded this medal have flown and survived many tours of duty with the IW and will be know throughout the fleet as seasoned veterans of combat with more than just a handful of war stories to tell. The DHI is typically only ever awarded once to any one pilot as officers of this quality tend to be promoted to non-flying posts such as Wing Commander of Commodore before becoming eligible for a second.


The Diamond Heart of Infiltration was the highest combat award of the Infiltrator Wing.

Award Authority[edit]

This Medal was only awarded by the Infiltrator Wing Commander or the Infiltrator Wing Executive Officer.

Additional Notes[edit]

This Medal can't be awarded any more.

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