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The Fleet Commander's Honor Guard (usually abbreviated as FCHG) is a special ranking system that rates pilots and officers in the TIE Corps by combat activity and performance using a point system. These points then determine a pilot's place in the Honor Guard. For combat activity, points are awarded for flying and completing missions or winning online combat engagements. For performance, pilots compete against each other for points for holding high scores for missions and battles, adding a more competitive element for pilots trying to hold a higher rank.

For long time the needed points to reach the highest FCHG rank, Imperator [IMPR], were 3000 and the ranks of Optio [OPT], Tesserarius [TSRS], Decurion [DCRN] and Aquilifer [AQFR] didn't exist. Then the former Fleet Commander Astatine decided to change it around 2006, trying to increase activity and make room for more potential members by raising the amount needed to reach [IMPR] up to 10000 and creating those new ranks above to accomodate so many points; obviously almost the rest of ranks followed on increasing their respective needed amounts. But in December 15 of 2008 (TAC report #287) Fleet Admiral Anahorn Dempsey who was Tactical Officer at that time changed it again by lowering the needed amounts to reach the highest ranks, for she thought (wisely) that given the activity levels and number of Emperor's Hammer members back in the day it was almost impossible if not completely out of reach to get so many points, hence considering the highest ranks as unattainable. The point system below comes from that last modification.

Point System[edit]

Below is the point system used for the Fleet Commander's Honor Guard:

  • 1 point for every Iron Star with Bronze Wings earned
  • 1 point for every mission flown
  • 1 point for every Legion of Combat earned
  • 2 points for every mission high score
  • 2 points x # of missions in the battle for every battle high score
  • 3 points for every Iron Star with Silver Wings earned
  • 5 points for every Iron Star with Gold Wings earned
  • 10 points for every Iron Star with Platinum Wings earned


Rank Points Abbreviation FCHG wings
Grenadier 10 GREN
GREN wings.
Lancer 25 LANC
LANC wings.
Hussar 50 HUSS
HUSS wings.
Fusilier 75 FUSL
FUSL wings.
Dragoon 100 DRAG
DRAG wings.
Cavalier 150 CAVL
CAVL wings.
Gallant 200 GALL
GALL wings.
Knight 250 KNGT
KNGT wings.
Paladin 300 PLDN
PLDN wings.
Legionnaire 400 LGNR
LGNR wings.
Aquilifer 500 AQFR
AQFR wings.
Decurion 750 DCRN
DCRN wings.
Tesserarius 1000 TSRS
TSRS wings.
Optio 1500 OPTI
OPTI wings.
Centurion 2000 CNTR
CNTR wings.
Executor 2500 EXCR
EXCR wings.
Gladiator 3000 GLDR
GLDR wings.
Archon 4000 ARCN
ARCN wings.
Templar 5000 TMPR
TMPR wings.
Imperator 6000 IMPR
IMPR wings.