Flight Leader

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Position Description[edit]

The Flight Leader is the leader of up to three other Flight Members and maintains contact with his/her Flight Members, as well as makes recommendations to the Squadron Commander regarding individual Flight performance. In addition, the Flight Leader is the first person a Flight Member should go with a request or question.

Flight leaders also qualify as prime candidates for the mentorship program. Rank: The minimum rank is Lieutenant, and Flight Leaders in normal squadrons can be promoted up to Captain. Elite Flight Leaders can be promoted to Colonel. The maximum rank any Flight Leader may HOLD is Colonel, regardless of whether the squadron is elite or not.

Command Responsibilities[edit]

  • Keep in contact with Flight Members.
  • Review comments, questions, etc from Flight Members.
  • Report to Squadron Commander with recommendations.
  • Be familar with primary reference materials (Training Manual, etc) .
  • Be familar with primary TIE Corps and Emperor's Hammer webpages (Emperor's Hammer domain, TIE Corps domain, TIE *Corps roster, message board, etc).
  • Submissions for the Emperor's Hammer Newsletter (sent to the Executive Officer).
  • Post/read the Emperor's Hammer Message Boards (where possible).
  • Participate in competitions (where possible).
  • Attend on-line meetings (where possible).
  • Consider participating in the mentorship of Trainees
  • Online Requirements: Minor-Moderate. Answering E-Mail from Flight Members and contact with Squadron Commander and possible constant correspondence with a Trainee if participating in the mentorship program (average 2-3-8 hours/week).