ISDII Hammer

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Squadron Information

Admiral Miles Prower

Flight Leaders:

Major Narven Task (Wing Commander


Wing I

Command Ship:

ISDII Hammer

Squadron Role:

Winning Imperial Storm

Flight I:

2x Spectre AMB flights, 2x TIE Defender flights, 3x TIE Advanced flights, 1x TIE Phantom flight and 1x Missile Boat Mk.II flight


"By hammer and hand do all things stand"


The Last Bastion

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The Imperial-II Class Star Destroyer Hammer is the current home of the TIE Corps Wing I.

Order of Battle[edit]

The Hammer's associated Battlegroup is Battlegroup X, consisting of the following

TIE Corps Wing I:

Victory-II Class Star Destroyer Anvil

  • 2 squadron

Immobiliser-418 Cruiser Wrench

  • 1 squadron

Dreadnaught Saw

  • 1 squadron

Assault Frigate Torch

  • 2 squadrons

Nebulon-B2 Frigate Pliers

  • 1 squadron

Nebulon-B Frigate Chisel

  • 1 squadron

Nebulon-B Frigate Ratchet

  • 1 squadron

Strike Cruiser Axe

  • 1 squadron

Corellian Gunship Group Icepick (3 craft)

  • 1 flight each

Assassin-Class Corellian Corvette Group Screwdriver (3 craft)

  • 1 flight each

CR-90 Corellian Corvette Group File (3 craft)

Nail Transport Squadron

Tweezers Shuttle Squadron

Splinter Utility Squadron


# COM Took office Left office Time in office Location Rank
1 Elwood the Brave - - 10m, 7d ISDII Hammer Vice Admiral
2 Anahorn Dempsey - - 1y, 10m, 24d ISDII Hammer High Admiral
3 Miles Prower 2017.01.01 - - ISDII Hammer Admiral