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IWCOM Collar Insignia
IWCOM Sleeve Insignia

The Infiltrator Wing Commander was the commanding flag officer of the Infiltrator Wing Subgroup, which was a part of the Emperor's Hammer until it was disbanded. The second in command was the Infiltrator Wing Executive officer.
The minimum Rank for the IWCOM was Vice Admiral and may be promoted up to Fleet Admiral. There was a possibility for a promotion to High Admiral, but there was no IWCOM with this rank at any time. The IWCOM was similar the TCCOM.

The IWCOM position was later claimed by the Commodore of the MC80B Redemption, once the Infiltrator Wing was reformed as TIE Corps Wing XXI, but this use was informal.

Narration taken from the original Infiltrator Wing Pilot Manual:

Infiltrator Wing Commander (IWCOM, IWCS-1)
The Infiltrator Wing Commander is the leader of the Infiltrator Wing, the final authority in all Infiltrator Wing matters and the primary liaison to the rest of the Emperor's Hammer.
The IWCOM rules with absolute authority in the IW, having the final word in all internal Infiltrator Wing matters.
He or she is also responsible for sending a weekly Infiltrator Wing Report to the EH Fleet Commander and EH Executive Officer. The IWCOM may appoint one Assistant (IWCOM:A).

Former IWCOM History[edit]

# IWCOM Took office Left office Achived Rank
1 Renegade EHNL#21 unknown Sector Admiral
2 Terran unknown unknown unknown
3 Crandall unknown  ? unknown
4 Waxer ?  ? unknown
5 Striker ?  ? unknown
6 Jerrold ?  ? unknown
7 Dogger 1997 1998? Admiral
8 Jammin 1998? February 1999 Admiral
9 Maestro April 1999 March 2000 Fleet Admiral
10 Darkov March 2000 October 2000 Fleet Admiral
11 Maverick October 2000 30/09/2001 Admiral
12 Torres 01/10/2001 01/24/2001 Vice Admiral
13 Talren Moreco 01/25/2001 05/31/2001 Admiral
14 Figaro 06/01/2001 08/31/2001 Admiral
15 Trevor Rastyn 09/01/2001 11/05/2003 Fleet Admiral
16 Adren Silvori aka. DarkMage 05/12/2003 05/22/2003 Admiral
17 NiksaVel 05/23/2003 2004 Fleet Admiral
18 Adren Silvori aka. DarkMage 2004 2004 Admiral
19 Mad HaTTer 2004 December 2004 Vice Admiral
20 Hobbie 10/02/2004 2005 Admiral