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The Rebel Tactical Officer (RTO) position was created to serve as a liason between the Emperor's Hammer and the various "rebel" online clubs and organizations. This position was first held by former Executive Officer Renegade. The position of Rebel Tactical Offficer (RTO) was originally called Rebel Strategy Specialist (RSS) up until NL28.

Past Rebel Tactical Officers[edit]

# RTO Took office Left office Time in office Note
1 Renegade NL13 NL17 -
2 Dude NL18 NL25 -
3 Renegade NL26 NL26 -
4 Crandall NL27  ? -
Info being compiled
6 Renegade  ? 3/25/2000 -
7 Renegade 4/23/2001 3/25/2002 Six years, Seven months, One day
8 Jacob Van Nowak 4/6/2006  ? - Record does not display service<ref>[1]</ref><ref>[2]</ref>