Silver Nova

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Silver Nova (SN)
Award Information


Award Classification:


Top Recipients:
  • TBA

Dark Brotherhood

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This award is an intricately crafted silver device in the shape of a stellar nova, and may be accompanied by an upgrade in the form of a pendant planetary cluster. The Abbreviation for this Award is (SN)

Awarded for[edit]

Achieving second place in any official Vendetta event. Those who have earned the Silver Nova have bested many of their fellows within the Dark Brotherhood, and proven themselves to be truly formidable Jedi.


The type of Silver Nova awarded is upgraded at the following levels.
The cycle repeats itself following the sixth award, so that the winner has (SNG)(SN).

Awarded by: The Grand Master or Deputy Grand Master.

Upgrade Details Image
Bronze Planetary Cluster (SNB) 2 Awards SNB.jpg
Silver Planetary Cluster (SNAg) 3 Awards SNAg.jpg
Gold Planetary Cluster (SNAu) 4 Awards SNAu.jpg
Platinum Planetary Cluster (SNP) 5 Awards SNP.jpg
Grand Planetary Cluster (SNG) 6 Awards SNG.jpg

Preceded by
Bronze Nova
Competition Award Precedence
Succeeded by
Gold Nova