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Below is a comparison reference of the EH timeline, including signficant events in the Emperor's Hammer and Star Wars universe.

Pre-time skip[edit]

The years that follow happened before the entire EH was sent forward in time.

3 ABY (1994)[edit]

  • The Emperor's Hammer Strike Wing, stationed onboard the ISD Avenger, falls under the command of General Ronin.
  • The Battle of Hoth and the Subjugation of Bespin.
  • Admiral Ozzel is killed by Darth Vader for incompetence and Captain Firmus Piett assumes command of Vader's fleet.
  • Emperor Palpatine contacts Darth Vader aboard the Super Star Destroyer Executor and reveals Luke Skywalker's parentage to Vader. Vader suddenly announces a plan to capture and convert Luke rather than kill him as originally suggested. Now taken off-guard himself, Palpatine reluctantly agrees.
  • Boba Fett captures Han Solo to take him to Jabba Desilijic Tiure after Solo is frozen in carbonite on Cloud City. Lando Calrissian joins the Rebel Alliance.
  • Darth Vader reveals to Luke Skywalker that he is his father, but Luke is uncertain whether it is true or not.
  • Prince Xizor is killed by Darth Vader and Black Sun collapses.

4 ABY (1995)[edit]

  • General Ronin is promoted to Admiral, commanding the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet.
  • Emperor Palpatine promotes Ronin to Grand Admiral to fulfill Thrawn's duties as the 12th Grand Admiral in the Inner Core.
  • The ISD Avenger is reassigned to Darth Vader's fleet and Ronin transfers his flag to the SSD Avenger.
  • The Dark Brotherhood, under the first Grand Master Kane Vader, joins with the Emperor's Hammer.
  • Formed from the existing stormtroopers in the Emperor's Hammer, the Hammer's Fist is organised as a semi-autonomous ground force.
  • The Aurora system is captured by the Emperor's Hammer.
  • The Battle of Endor.
  • Han Solo is rescued from Jabba the Hutt and Jabba is killed by Leia Organa. Boba Fett is imprisoned in the sarlacc, but survives.
  • Yoda dies and Luke Skywalker discovers that he is truly the son of Darth Vader and that Leia Organa is his sister. He passes this information on to her.
  • The Battle of Endor begins, Luke Skywalker surrenders to Darth Vader and the Rebel Alliance successfully destroys the shield generator with the help of the Ewoks. Luke duels with Vader. Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker is redeemed to the light side of the Force by the efforts of Luke Skywalker. Anakin Skywalker destroys Palpatine, saving his son's life, and dies on the light side. The prophecy of both the Chosen One is fulfilled.
  • At Endor, Lando Calrissian, Wedge Antilles and Nien Nunb destroy the second Death Star, virtually ending the Galactic Civil War. The Empire as the galaxy knows it is brought to an end and begins to tear itself apart through warlordism. Now-Admiral Piett dies when the Executor crashes into the Death Star.
  • A celebration across the galaxy begins at the fall of the Empire and the death of Palpatine.

5 ABY (1996)[edit]

  • The SSSD Sovereign, promised to GA Ronin by the Emperor prior to his death, is finally fit for service as the flagship of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet.
  • Elements of Imperial Intelligence and the Imperial Securty Bureau that flee to EH-held territories are reorganised into the EH Intelligence Division under the command of a Supreme Director.
  • Truce at Bakura.
  • Events of Jedi Knight occur.
  • The New Republic is established.
  • Imperial forces under the command of Lord Shadowspawn fight to the last man against General Luke Skywalker's army, prompting Skywalker to retire from the military.
  • Ysanne Isard engages in a series of political maneuvers to damage the New Republic and seize control of the Empire.

6 ABY (1997)[edit]

  • As the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet secures Aurora and surrounding systems the existing regional, planetary and sector government is integrated into the Directorate, to be overseen by a Grand Moff of the Emperor's Hammer Territories.
  • Rogue Squadron reforms under Wedge Antilles.
  • New Republic forces switch from the guerilla tactics of the Alliance to a campaign of claiming important Core worlds as the Empire's grip crumbles.

7 ABY (1998)[edit]

  • The New Republic captures Coruscant from what remains of the Empire.
  • Ysanne Isard leaves an artificial virus called the Krytos Virus that infects all nonhumanoids, behind on Coruscant to drain the New Republic's already strained resources and create an enmity between Humans and nonhumans. Together these are designed to tear the New Republic apart.
  • The New Republic secures the needed bacta from Thyferra in the Bacta War to eliminate the plague. Isard fakes her death and disappears.

8 ABY (1999)[edit]

  • To quell reactionary opposition to continued Imperial 'oppression' in the EH Territories the Fleet Commander creates the Imperial Senate, a 'democratic' legislative body led by a Chancellor. It is to work closely with the governors in the Directorate.
  • Under the protection of the High Inquisitor, Fleet Admiral Paladin, a small body of Sector Rangers retains its independence, working under Admiral Rapier, the Security Officer.
  • Admiral Stryker succeeds Khyron as Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood.
  • In a ceremony on Aurora Prime the Dean of the Imperial Weapons and Tactics School, Fleet Admiral Astatine, is awarded the Medal of Honour.
  • New Republic controls 50% of known space.
  • Leia Organa marries Han Solo.
  • Prince Isolder allies the Hapes Consortium with the New Republic.
  • Imperial warlord Zsinj dies.

9 ABY (2000)[edit]

  • In response to the continued influx of Imperial officers from across the Empire and renewed optimism following Thrawn's partial success, the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet organises a Naval Corps to differentiate fleet command from the TIE Corps' wings.
  • Jacen and Jaina Solo are born to Leia Organa and Han Solo.
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn's attempt to destroy the New Republic and restore dignity to the Galactic Empire fails.
  • Following Thrawn's defeat, Sienar Fleet Systems supplies products to all parties.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi's spirit moves.
  • The Noghri defect to the New Republic when they discover that the Empire has been manipulating them and polluting their world.
  • Ysanne Isard returns, and helps Rogue Squadron defeat her clone, who is using a warlord to do her dirty work. Isard is killed by Iella Wessiri on the Lusankya, while Wedge Antilles kills the clone and warlord.

10 ABY (2001)[edit]

  • High Admiral Kawolski is appointed as Executive Officer of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet.
  • The Sector Rangers are disbanded and reorganised into a new Imperial Security Bureau, still under command of the Security Officer and independent from the Intelligence Division.
  • Events in Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith and Dark Empire take place.
  • A-9 Vigilance Interceptor enters service in the Imperial fleet.
  • Emperor Palpatine is reborn in a clone body and makes Luke Skywalker his second in command, but Luke turns against him and kills Palpatine with Leia and destroys his flagship Eclipse.
  • The New Republic wins the Battle of Mon Calamari.
  • Palpatine returns again, but Empatajayos Brand destroys his life-force. Brand dies and Palpatine is ultimately dead. R2-D2 destroys Eclipse II and the Galaxy Gun, causing the destruction of the Imperial Fleet of Palpatine, and the planet Byss, where cloning machines of Palpatine are located.
  • Anakin Solo is born to Leia Organa and Han Solo.

11 ABY (2002)[edit]

  • The Imperial Remnant temporarily recaptures Coruscant, but splinters into two factions, and fights with each other. The New Republic is forced to hide at Pinnacle Base.
  • Luke Skywalker establishes a Jedi academy on Yavin IV. Leia becomes the Chief of State of the New Republic.
  • Kyp Durron, under the influence of Exar Kun, uses the Sun Crusher to destroy Carida.
  • Corran Horn trains at the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV. He rescues his wife from Leonia Tavira, and destroys the Invids from the inside-out.
  • Exar Kun's spirit is destroyed.
  • Palpatine's spirit is incapacitated.

12 ABY (2003)[edit]

  • The Split of the Dark Brotherhood occurs.
  • The Darksaber is constructed.
  • Events in Jedi Outcast take place.
  • Gilad Pellaeon promoted to Admiral and Supereme Commander of the Imperial Fleet.

13 ABY (2004)[edit]

  • Adumar joins the New Republic as a planetary government.

14 ABY (2005)[edit]

  • Events in Jedi Academy take place.
  • The X-Wing is upgraded, new designation is T-65AC4.
  • Lord Hethrir captures Han and Leia's children, but is defeated.
  • Rise and fall of the Disciples of Ragnos.

15 ABY (2006)[edit]

In response to the scarcity of resources and difficulty in maintaining a full order of battle, the TIE Corps is restructured to be more efficient and mission-capable.

  • The Nebula-class Star Destroyer enters service.
  • Tahiri Veila is orphaned.
  • Luke Skywalker confronts Brakiss for his dark side leanings. Brakiss flees Yavin 4.
  • Ailyn Vel concludes that her father, Boba Fett, is dead.
  • Sliven is injured badly during a battle between his tribe of Tusken Raiders and a group of smugglers.

16 ABY (2007)[edit]

  • The Black Fleet Crisis.

17 ABY (2008)[edit]

  • Removal of FC Astatine
  • Revoked all bans
  • Cyric became new FC
  • Maverick became new XO
  • The Almanian Uprising.

18 ABY (2008)[edit]

  • The Corellian Insurrection.
  • Admiral Gilad Pellaeon resurfaces to launch a major offensive against the New Republic, the last gasp of the once-powerful Empire. NR forces under Admiral Ackbar defeat Pellaeon in the Battle of Anx Minor. The Imperial Remnant is reduced to a mere eight backwater sectors in the Outer Rim Territories, now posing no threat whatsoever to the New Republic and/or the Galaxy at large.

Post Time skip[edit]

Everything that follows happened after the entire EH was sent forward in time

19 ABY (2009)[edit]

  • The New Republic and the last fragment of the Empire sign the Pellaeon-Gavrisom Treaty, ending the 21-year-long Galactic Civil War

20 ABY (2009)[edit]

  • Luke Skywalker marries Mara Jade

21 ABY (2009)[edit]

  • GemDiver Station completes construction.

22 ABY (2009)[edit]

  • Jacen and Jaina Solo join the Luke Skywalker's Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4.
  • Their younger brother Anakin Solo joins the Junior Jedi Class of the Academy months later and befriends a young Human girl named Tahiri Veila. The two young trainees have several adventures including discovering the Golden Globe and the ancient Jedi Master Ikrit, accompanying their Melodie friend Lyric to her homeworld of Yavin 8 to undergo an important ceremony, visits to Dagobah to discover Anakin's future and the discovery of Kenobi's lightsaber and an ancient Jedi holocron at Bast Castle on Vjun. Anakin later returns to Coruscant where he attended school, developed his piloting skills, and studied under the careful tutelage of C-3PO.
  • Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker travel to the Unknown Regions where they join a Chiss/Empire of the Hand mission to locate the remains of the ill-fated Old Republic/Jedi expedition Outbound Flight. They discover it in an inaccessible region known as the Redoubt and also learn that the survivors of the Outbound Flight have founded a colony within the wreckage. This combined team also defeats a Vagaari attack.

23 ABY (2009)[edit]

  • Jacen and Jaina Solo fight against the Second Imperium which attempts to disrupt the peace between the New Republic and Imperial Remnant, as it has become known, and restart the Galactic Civil War.
  • Following the defeat of the Shadow Academy, the Academy is rebuilt. Anakin Solo also came to aid in the reconstruction efforts.
  • Leia resigns her post as Chief of State and the Bothan Borsk Fey'lya replaces her.

24 ABY (2009)[edit]

  • The Diversity Alliance, an extremist anti-Human organization, is defeated by the Solo twins and their Jedi companions.
  • An attempt by Czethros to return Black Sun to its former glory is thwarted by the Solo twins and their Jedi companions.
  • Mon Mothma dies.

25 ABY[edit]

  • Dark Brotherhood Restructure
  • Timeskipped to this year from 18 ABY (2008)
  • The Yuuzhan Vong invade the galaxy.
  • Chewbacca dies at Sernpidal.
  • The New Republic Historical Council sets the year of the Battle of Yavin to the year zero, adopting the current date system

Comparison timeline sources material from Wars Timeline Gold and the Timeline of galactic history.