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Astatine was a former Fleet Commander, Executive Officer and Training Officer. He was later expelled from the fleet.


Astatine was born into a middle class family on a mining colony. After completing his formal studies he worked a string of part time jobs. Sensing the shift in the Galactic Civil War and lacking the connections to progress in the Imperial forces, he joined the Rebellion just after the Battle of Hoth. During this time he was assigned to Green Squadron and had a tour of duty that was only extraordinary in its ordinariness. It was during this tour he came into contact with a female officer named Kusanagi, who would later defect and serve under him in IWATS.

Following the Battle of Endor, he joined the Emperor's Hammer, gaining assignment in Zayin squadron after training. Once again, his piloting skills proved mediocre. An opening at the Imperial Weapons and Tactics School (IWATS) provided an outlet for his true talents - training and administration. After impressing the Executive Officer's Command Attache, Astatine was appointed to IWATS Dean and reformed the academy. During his rise, he rubbed a number of senior commanders the wrong way, resulting in a number of disciplinary actions including demotions.

It was also at this time he began dabbling in the Dark Side, eventually ascending to the level of Dark Jedi Primarch.

After a two year term as Training Officer, he was appointed Executive Officer and served in that role three years.

TIE Corps[edit]

Astatine joined the TIE Corps in February 1998 <ref>TIE Corps historic record</ref>. He was originally mis-assigned the name "Wolf" from his pilot file. He worked on a number of projects at this time, including a roster search engine and a squadron site for Zayin. On 4th April 1999, he was appointed Squadron Commander of Yod squadron (Wing IV), serving under LG Horn. The same week he was appointed an attache to IWATS Professor LG Tiger and promoted to Brigadier General (BG). In early May, he developed a squadron website for Yod squadron.

In late May, Astatine was appointed IWATS Dean and began a steady program of improvement, including the new IWATS Core course. In May 1999, he was appointed Training Officer<ref>TIE Corps News</ref>. The positions of Training Officer and IWATS Dean have been combined since then. In January 2002, he replaced Kawolski as Executive Officer and in January 2005 was appointed Fleet Commander<ref>TIE Corps News</ref>.

While IWATS Dean, he managed the IWATS Core, IIC and mIRC courses, with IWATS achieving over 10,000 graduates under his command<ref>TO Report</ref>. A number of competitions were run including TO Comp 5. The domain was also registered during this period and was used as a central hub for training resources. The hosting for this was funded by Astatine.

Since his appointment to Executive Officer, Astatine has also filled the role of Fleet Systems Engineer, maintaining the TIE Corps site and financing the hosting of it since 2005.

Awards of note include Gold Star, Imperial Cross (twice) and Medal of Honor.


In the Dark Brotherhood, Astatine served as Tetrarch in House Gladius (4/1998), Herald (1/1999) and Deputy Grand Master (3/2000, 3/2001, 11/2001). More recently he assumed the position of Seneschel, maintaining the Dark Brotherhood website. Specific work relating to this position included the porting of the TIE Corps for use by the Dark Brotherhood.

In the Infiltrator Wing, he held the positions of Squadron Commander (5/1998), Training Sergeant (6/1998) and Training Officer (7/1998). Achieved Colonel General (8/1998).

In the Hammer's Fist, he has held the positions of Commander of Security (8/1998) and Commander of Personnel (4/1999).

Join the Bounty Hunter's Guild in March 98. In June he joined Cyclone Cabal. In July, he was appointed SSL Roster keeper by Menalaus, replacing Morganna. He served in this position for approximately six months.

Project Work[edit]

  • Various additions to the TIE Corps site
  • Porting the database over for use by the Dark Brotherhood
  • webhosting service
  • EH Freeworlds server

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