Cross of Bravery

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Cross of Bravery with 5 stars
Award Information


Award Classification:

Combat Award

Top Recipients:

Infiltrator Wing

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The CBV is awarded to pilots who place first in a Ship-, Support Division-, or Wing-wide competition, or who place second in a competition where the VC is the highest award. The initial award is the Cross of Bravery with One Star, which later upgrades to CBV with Five Stars. If another CBV is awarded to a pilot with CBV-5 stars, then the pilot gains another CBV with One Star, and upgrades that medal from then on.


CBV1star uni.jpg Cross of Bravery with 1 star

CBV2stars uni.jpgCross of Bravery with 2 stars

CBV3stars uni.jpgCross of Bravery with 3 stars

CBV4stars uni.jpgCross of Bravery with 4 stars

CBV5stars uni.jpgCross of Bravery with 5 stars

Award Authority[edit]

This medal may be awarded by Wing Commanders and up.

Additional Notes[edit]

This Medal can't be awarded any more.

Preceded by
War Cross
Category:Combat Awards of the Infiltrator Wing Precedence
Succeeded by
Victory Cross