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Position Description[edit]

According to the EH Training Manual, the XO "Contributes to development and management of the EH and is in line for command should anything unexpected happen to the Fleet Commander. The XO also has supervisory capacities over ALL the EH groups in that Group Commanders report directly to the EH Executive Officer and the FC. The Executive Officer edits the EH newsletters. The Executive Officer also enjoys the special privilege of being able to adopt various secret projects on his own initiative."

Rank: The Executive Officer is the Second in Command of the Fleet and must hold the minimum Rank of Fleet Admiral. However, upon appointment, the XO is appointed the rank of Sector Admiral.

In NL38, the Executive Officer was granted control of the subgroups, allowing the Fleet Commander to focus on the overall strategic direction of the club. The Executive Officer also eventually became responsible for publishing the Newsletter.

The rank of Sector Admiral is reserved for use by past and present Executive Officers.

Past Executive Officers[edit]

# XO Took office Left office Time in office Promotion
1 Shawshank NL3 NL17 - Vice Admiral (NL10)
2 Renegade NL18 NL20 -
3 Adams NL22 NL32 - Sector Admiral (NL29)
4 Kreeayt Havok NL33 NL48 - N/A
5 Compton NL49 9th January 2001 (NL70) - N/A
6 Kawolski 9th January 2001 (NL71) 9th January 2002 (NL80) 1 year N/A
7 Astatine 9th January 2002 (NL81) 3rd January 2005 (NL48) 2 years, 11 months, 25 days N/A
8 Khameir Sarin 21st May 2005 3rd September 2005 3 months, 13 days N/A
9 Cyric 3rd September 2005 14th September 2008 3 years 11 days N/A
10 Daniel Bonini 14th September 2008 28th November 2008 2 months 14 days N/A
11 Maverick 28th November 2008 15th January 2010 1 year 1 month 21 days N/A
12 Rapier 15th January 2010 August 14, 2011 1 years N/A
13 Kreeayt Havok 14th August 2011 present N/A
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