Medal of Instruction

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The Medal of Instruction is a service medal in the Emperor's Hammer.


The Training Manual states that, "The Medal of Instruction is awarded to any member who personally recruits a new member into the Emperor's Hammer (the recruit's training must be completed, as determined by the Training Officer)."

Reference: EH Training Manual

Award Authority[edit]

This medal is awarded by the Training Officer.


The MoI may be upgraded as follows:

  • Medal of Instruction - For recruitment of a single member
  • Blue Cross (-bc) - For recruitment of 5 new members
  • Gold Cross (-gc) - For recruitment of 10 new members
  • Platinum Cross (-pc) - For recruitment of 25 new members
  • Emerald Cross (-ec) - For recruitment of 50 new members
  • Diamond cross (-dc) - For recruitment of 100+ new members

No further upgrades are awarded after a member earns a Diamond Cross.

Equivalent Awards[edit]

In the Dark Brotherhood, members earn the Scroll of Indoctrination for recruiting members to the Brotherhood.

The Hammer's Fist awarded the Recruitment Commendation as an equivalent.

The Directorate awarded the Medal of Recruitment as an equivalent.


Blue Cross
Gold Cross
Platinum Cross
Emerald Cross
Diamond cross