Star of Eos

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Star of Eos
Award Information


Award Classification:

General Award

Top Recipients:
  • SBL Abel Malik x8
  • SBM Anahorn Dempsey x8
  • SK Kaisin Mirtez x7
  • DA Ric Hunter x6
  • SWL Arion Sunrider x5
  • DA Elwood the Brave x5
  • SW Pellaeon x5
  • SW Den Darkhill x4
  • SBL Tiger x4
  • SBM Xantros x4

Dark Brotherhood

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The Star of Eos is palm-sized metal circlet with jewels-red, blue and purple-inlaid on the circlet to form a triangle. This represents the three Orders of the Brotherhood and their unity.

Reference: Dark Side Compendium

Awarded for

Consistent and dedicated activity to one's House. Such activity is over the period of several weeks and participation in several projects or events.


It may be awarded more than once. After the fourth award, the cycle repeats so that a member's ID line may read (SE-LB)/(SE).

Upgrade Image
w/ Terran Band (SE-TB) Setb.jpg
w/ Solar Band (SE-SB) Sesb.jpg
w/ Lunar Band (SE-LB) Selb.jpg

Award Authority

Any Dark Council member, Consul, Proconsul, or Battle Team Leader.

Preceded by
Dark Cross
General Award Precedence
Succeeded by
Steel Cross