TFTC Quick Installation

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This is a quick guide on how to install X-Wing Alliance TIE Fighter Total Conversion on your computer. The aim is to keep it fast and simple. Be sure to follow all the steps in sequence.


  • 50GB Free Space
  • Run all installations as the Admin
  • Perform the steps below in sequence


Need to install X-Wing Alliance (XWA), X-Wing Alliance Upgrade (XWAU) and TIE Fighter Total Conversion Re-Imagined (TFTC-R).

Stage 1: Install XWA and XWAU

  1. Install XWA Vanilla GOG version (You can purchase your own copy here:
    • Once installed, run XWA with a token pilot
  2. Visit
  3. Download and install the Mega Patch XWAU (2 GB) from
    • Select the correct Aspect Ratio (Default / 16:9 / 16:10 based on YOUR display settings). The most common ratio in today's computers is 16:9. If you are unsure what your aspect ratio is, you can check it in your computer's display settings by right-clicking with your mouse on the desktop.
  4. Download and install XWAU version 5 (1 GB) from
    • Once installed, run XWAU with a token pilot

Stage 2: Install TFTC-R

  1. Visit
  2. Download and install the full 1.2 release from (9.4 GB)
    • Select Updated Tutorial Missions at the bottom of the installation
  3. Very Important: Once the installation is complete, launch the alliance.exe and choose the Palpatine Total Converter
    • Select Customize your X-Wing Alliance: Load a Total Conversion
    • Select Convert your X-Wing Alliance: Switch to the Dark Side (TFTC Reimagined)
    • Very Important: Select Total Conversion Reimagined

Post-Installation Configuration

  1. Launch the game and press ESC (Escape Key).
  2. Under Video Options, goto Hardware Only Video Options and set the Lens Flare to OFF

In-Flight Control Changes

  1. Slam Key = toggle K (the accelerator for the Missile Boat)
  2. To open your S-Foils = close landing gear: Control + L and then press V

Additional Help

  1. 13 minute video for the TFTC Installation:
  2. Joystick Preset Config Options:
  3. You can also check the XWA Upgrade extended installation guide

(If in trouble, contact Genie)