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General Info[edit]

  • Rank:Colonel
  • PIN:3297
  • Aliases/Nicknames:Roasty, Roaster, Roastaman


"Roasty" joined Kappa in February 2000 and through his enthusiasm and hard work quickly gained the respect of his fellow Squadron and Wing colleagues. Consequently when the post became available in September 2000 he took over command of Kappa Squadron and quickly gained the reputation as one of the Wing's most important leaders. Given his dedicated commitment to the Squadron it is unsurprising to learn that he was the first Kappan in the modern history of the squadron who was promoted up to the rank of Colonel. Astarosta was unfortunately forced to leave the CMDR position in the early days of 2002, when turmoils in his homeland Argentina took priority over any online activities. Astarosta returned to the squadron as a flight member in April 2002, though, and remained a loyal pilot to the squadron until he ultimately left for the reserves in spring 2004. There is little doubt that Roasty has been the greatest Kappan in the modern history of the Squadron.

Kappa Service Record[edit]

  • Time in Kappa:
    • 12 Feb 2000 to 07 Feb 2002
    • 08 Apr 2002 to 13 Sep 2002
    • 28 Oct 2002 to 21 Feb 2004
  • Time in Command of Kappa: 03 Sep 2000 to 07 Feb 2002