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These medals are awarded for loyalty, devotion and inventivity of an officer. They are the reflection of the activity of an officer, and they show the importance of an officer to the Infiltrator Wing. When considering a promotion, this are the medals that will count most as positive points for promotion.

Black Cross of Infiltration (BCI) (First Echelon)
Navy Defence Medal (NDM) (Second Echelon)
Distinguished Service Medal (IW) (DSM) (Second Echelon)
Legion of Merit (LoM) (Third Echelon)
Star of Valor (SV) (Third Echelon)
Medal of Dexterity (MoD) (Third Echelon)
Exemplary Service Cross (ESC) (Third Echelon)
Merit Cross 1st Class (MC-1) (Third Echelon)
Merit Cross 2nd Class (MC-2) (Third Echelon)

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