Corporate Division

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Welcome to, home of the Corporate Division (CD). The CD is a subgroup of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet, an Imperial faction on the Outer Rim fighting to restore the ideals of the New Order in the chaos following the Battle of Endor. Such a massive war machine requires equally massive resources, and the Corporate Division provides these, offering manufacturing bases and services for the entire Fleet.

The Corporate Division itself is subdivided into two main units: the Direx Board, which is the administrative body of the subgroup; and the Trade Assembly, which contains all of the corporations and companies which make up the subgroup. In addition, there exists a highly skilled unit of pilots known as Core Squadron, who are responsible for testing and showcasing the latest starfighter designs produced by the Corporate Division.

Any individual with a skill or talent is welcome to join the Corporate Division, but at the same time, those without specialised skills are equally welcome, with training opportunities in every corporation. To be a Corporate Division Engineer represents a pinnacle of achievement and talent in a particular field, and you'll also be providing a very real and tangible service to other parts of the Emperor's Hammer - something that no other group truly offers.

With your help - members new and old alike - the Corporate Division can truly live up to its motto:

"Anything, Anytime, Anywhere"

- Fleet Admiral Valtane Gavryn Ricaud
President of the Corporate Division


The Corporate Division was a Subgroup of the Emperor's Hammer. The home ship was the VSD Warhammer. The CD had it's own Academy, the Imperial Training Insitute.

Structure / Corporations[edit]

  • Corporate Division Command:
    • Direx Board
  • Trade Assembly:
    • Corporate Division News Group
    • Imperial Broadcast Corporation
    • Data Equity Management Inc.
    • Imperial Outlook Enterprises
    • Lumina Corporation

Former Presidents[edit]

VA Dark Angel
AD Nav'ric Trow
VA Loor
VA Rokin
VA Trido
AD Khadgar
FA Valtane Gavryn Ricaud
RA Tra Tal'kail Coursca
AD Mooks
VA Bolitho
AD Quake