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Ranks are used to reward members who have consistently performed over a period of time. They designate seniority and the powers a member may wield. Below is a table listing the various ranks, in descending order.

Darth (D)
Lord (L)
Master (M)
Transcendent Adept (ADT)
Inquisitor (INQ)
Assassin (ASN)
Sorcerer (SOR)
Warrior (WAR)
Sith Knight (KNT)
Stalker (ST) 2 Months*
A Stalker is a member who has grown to become a key part of the clan. They are active in communications platforms, take part in competitions (and possibly run them), and show an interest in furthering not only themselves but the Dark Brotherhood. As with Guardian, they may show aspirations to lead something of their own someday - although they may be content with honing their own skills. At this point, they have been part of the Dark Brotherhood for at least 6 active months and should be knowledgeable enough to help mentor new members.

Additional requirement: To be promoted to Knight a Stalker must supply a creative work describing the creation of their lightsaber, a natural extension to their work to be promoted to Stalker. As before, this may take the form of any creative medium. In addition they must also complete the three Lightsaber courses from the Shadow Academy of the Imperial University. These are Lightsaber Construction, Lightsaber Techniques and Lightsaber: Training Saber. Their Clan Consul or Master will review this work and provide feedback and assistance.

Once promoted to Knight, the member has many additional responsibilities and capabilities; not only can they display their lightsaber on their dress uniform, but they are also eligible to take on a student in the Master / Student program. They are also granted a much wider array of force powers available to study.

Juggernaut (JUG) 2 Months*
A Juggernaut is a member who has been active for many months and has become an involved member; they take part in multiplayer activities with other Dark Brotherhood members whenever possible and may show interest in leadership. They may be interested in leading a battleteam, running their own competitions, helping run a game platform, or taking a key role organizing raids or game nights. This type of involvement will typically lead to quicker promotion to Stalker, although it is not a requirement. A Juggernaut who shows a high level of activity for at least two months may also be promoted.

Additional requirement: To be promoted to Stalker, a Juggernaut must supply a creative work describing the process of learning how a lightsaber is created and gathering materials - but not yet the creation of the lightsaber itself. This may take the form of fiction, art, or any other creative medium such as a

Training Marauder (MRD) 1 Month
A Marauder will continue to show involvement in the Dark Brotherhood, taking part in competitions and activities. They ideally should have at least one active Monthly Battleteam Evaluation before promotion to Marauder.
Acolyte (ACO) 1 Month, completion of DBCORE
An Acolyte will typically be promoted to Marauder after an Monthly Battleteam Evaluation showing continued involvement in Dark Brotherhood recognized activities. By the time they are ready, they will have been an active member for at least two months total and will be active on communications platforms and taking part in competitions. They also should have obtained a passing grade on the DBCORE Shadow Academy course before being eligible for the rank of Acolyte.
Novice (NOV) 2 Weeks
A Novice will typically be promoted to Acolyte after their first Monthly Battleteam Evaluation, unless they were promoted to Novice very recently. They will ideally have taken part in communication (Discord, email) and show interest in activities with other members.
Aspirant Apprentice (APP) 2 Weeks
An Apprentice typically needs guidance from their Battleteam Leader who should walk them through taking part in DB activities. After which they should be promoted to Novice after their first medal or after two weeks if active.
Initiate (INI)

Appointment Ranks

Upon advancing to a position, a member may be at a lower rank than is considered appropriate for that position. In this case, they will be promoted successively to the suggested rank at an increased rate, provided they perform their duties adequately. This is up to the discretion of their superiors and the Master-at-Arms.

Minimum/Maximum Ranks

Each position within the Dark Brotherhood has a minimum AND maximum rank that a member may earn through the course of serving in a particular position. However, when a member has served above and beyond the call of duty, that member may be promoted over the typical maximum rank. In these instances, approval of a promotion above the typical maximum allowable rank for any position will fall under the discretion and/or agreement of the Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master and Master-at-Arms.

Note: Returning members in good standing to ANY position will retain the rank that was achieved in prior service.

Position Appointment Rank Maximum Rank
Grand Master Darth -
Deputy Grand Master Adept Lord
Dark Council Inquisitor "
Consul Warrior "
Proconsul Knight "
Quaestor Stalker "
Aedile Guardian "
Battleteam Leader Acolyte "
Battleteam Member Apprentice "

Rank Elevations

It is a great honour when any Sith receives a rank elevation. When a Sith advances, it is because a mentor has determined that the Sith has surpassed the abilities of his current rank. Only certain Sith can give rank elevations to others. However, anyone may recommend someone for advancement. The Grand Master and the Master-at-Arms have final jurisdiction over all advancements. If they do not find the candidate to be worthy, then no elevation is given. All advancements must be approved by the Master-at-Arms prior to the announcement of the new rank, with the sole exception of the Headmaster of the Shadow Academy, who is able to directly confer an elevation to Novice upon completion of Apprentice Studies.

The following is a list of who may give elevations:

Position May Promote To
Grand Master Darth
Deputy Grand Master Adept
Dark Council Inquisitor
Consul Assassin
Proconsul Knight
Quaestor Stalker
Aedile Juggernaut
Battleteam Leader Marauder

A Note on Suggested / Minimum Ranks
Ranks reflect one's skill in manipulating the Dark Side of the Force, and therefore one's powers must grow at a progressive rate. Given suggested ranks may not be issued to a position's recipient for a short period of time while they prove their worthiness. This is most common when the recipient was more than one rank below the suggested rank prior to appointment.