Dark Side Scroll

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Dark Side Scroll.jpg


A small scroll made of obsidian, with the submissions of the awardee engraved upon its surface in gold lettering.

Awarded for:[edit]

Making a submission to the Dark Brotherhood's newsletter, the Dark Voice. A Scroll is given for every submission made to the Dark Voice, either in the form of writing or a graphic.

  • w/ Quill of Knowledge [DSS-QK] (5 submissions)
  • w/ Quill of Lore [DSS-QL] (10 submissions)
  • w/ Quill of Wisdom [DSS-QW] (25 submissions)
  • w/ Quill of Ages [DSS-QA] (50 submissions)
  • w/ Quill of Enlightenment [DSS-QE] (100 submissions)

Awarded by:[edit]

Editor of the Dark Voice.