Graphics and Branding Guide

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Official Vector Art

Official logos for the Emperor's Hammer and its subgroups are available for download in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format. The SVG files support scaling to any required resolution without loss of quality with a suitable vector graphics application (for example, Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator). For convenience, the Wiki software is capable of rendering the files as transparent PNGs in various sizes.

Emperor's Hammer Logo Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps Logo Emperor's Hammer Secret Order Logo Emperor's Hammer Hammer's Fist Logo Emperor's Hammer Infiltrator Wing Logo
Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps
PMS: 186C
CMYK: C: 12, M: 100, Y: 92, K: 3
RGB: R: 207, G: 32, B: 46
Secret Order
CMYK: C: 88, M: 60, Y: 0, K: 20
RGB: R: 25, G: 82, B: 205
Hex/HTML: 1952CD
Hammer's Fist
CMYK: C: 0, M: 17, Y: 74, K: 17
RGB: R: 212, G: 175, B: 55
Hex/HTML: D4AF37
Infiltrator Wing
No specified colors
Emperor's Hammer Dark Brotherhood Logo
Dark Brotherhood
CMYK: C: 93, M: 61, Y: 0, K: 24
RGB: R: 14, G: 75, B: 193
Hex/HTML: 0E4BC1

Logo Usage Standards

The following standards apply to the use of Emperor's Hammer logos as either a primary or secondary element of any design.

1. Logos may only appear in their respective approved color, black (or a reduced saturation of black so it appears gray), or white.

2. As a primary element, the logo must appear using 100% full saturation of the official color. It can also be black or a reduced saturation of black so it appears gray. Do not use transparency.

3. When used as a background or secondary element, the colors may be tinted or saturation reduced. It may also appear transparent when used as a background element. 4. Whenever possible, the approved color should be used as part of a design or layout. For example, if red is to be the primary color of your layout, use TC red. This helps to provide a consistent and simple brand presentation.

5. Placing anything in front of, adding gradients to or adding patterns to the logo is prohibited when used as a primary element.

6. The negative space or holes in the logo must remain the same color as the background unless an effect (such as a drop shadow or glow) is used.

7. Any strokes or outlines added must be set outside the original design. Strokes set inside or centered are unacceptable.

8. If the saturation of the black is reduced on the logo, when used as a primary element, the resulting gray must make the mark contrast the background sufficiently.

9. The logo can not be stretched or compressed in any way unless done so proportionately on both axis.

10. Drop shadows, glows, outlines, etc. are acceptable when used to differentiate the logo from a background if needed. Any such effect should not overpower the logo.