Grand Moff

From Emperor's Hammer Encyclopaedia Imperia

The Grand Moff is appointed by the Fleet Commander and Executive Officer to oversee the general operations of the Emperor's Hammer Territories, it's average citizens, and all home military defensive units; thus, the Grand Moff is the final authority within the Directorate, and all large changes and operations are passed through his office at some point. The Grand Moff approves all bestowments of Titles, with the assistance of the Ministry Council, and is the only Officer authorized to promote individuals to the Council. Upon appointment, the Grand Moff will receive the title of Duke of Aurora, and may be promoted - via a very specific process - up to the rank of Grand Duke, the most prestigious and rare rank in the entire Directorate.

The Grand Moff has the authority to appoint to any position within the Directorate without prior notice to the membership.