Hearn Langin

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Hearn Langin is a NPC character written by LCM Witchblade as part of the Hammer Crew Cruise competition. He serves as Captain of the ISDII Hammer.


He was born on the planet Nubia 30 years before the battle of Yavin. His family had a strong connection to Industrial Automacon and the Nubian shipyards as he came from a long line of engineers and senior managers and it was long anticipated that he would follow them into one of the many industries native to Nubia.

His early years we are fairly non-descript has he did not excel in school or in any other field such as sports. He did however continue to keep his head down and study hard and at the age of 16 which was shortly after the formation of the Empire he won an appointment to the Imperial Academy.

He graduated from Academy at the age of 21 and he was immediately appointed to the Strike Cruiser Inflexible as a member of the bridge crew. Over the following five years he slowly worked his way up from a lowly Ensign to the rank of Lieutenant where he oversaw the Inflexible's nightshift.

At the age of 26, 4 BBY, his dedication to the imperial cause was noted and rewarded as he was promoted to captain of the Dreadnought Cruiser Solar Night, a post he heels and excelled at until 1 ABY where upon he was appointed XO aboard the Star Destroyer Night Templar which was part of the Sector Fleet at Kuat.

In 4 ABY, the lack of competent officers following the Endor debacle sees then Commander Langin reassigned to the Star Destroyer Hammer as XO. As XO Hearn was instrumental in the day to day running of the Star Destroyers crew, overseeing the duty roster and the daily meetings with department heads.

In 10 ABY The Captain of the Star Destroyer Hammer was promoted to serve on board a Super Star Destroyer Avenger creating a vacancy as Captain of the Hammer. Hearn was quick to take advantage of this, rapidly securing appointment to the top spot aboard the vessel. This is a position he has now held for 19 years and has shown no sign of slowing down having worked with a succession of Commodores now that the Hammer is the lead vessel in its own battle group.

As Captain of the Star Destroyer Hammer his responsibility is for his ship and crew however given his vessel is also the flagship of a Admiral who leads a much larger force he is careful to ensure that he follows his flag officers leaders orders.

Off duty the Captain enjoys spending his three time reading many of the latest novels to come out of Nubia or spending time planet side and enjoying many of the natural scenes found in the aurora system. He has a keen interest in combat tactics and can often be found in the simulator complex trying out different tactical communications on historical fleet battles.