Jacinth Sinderkan

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Jacinth Sinderkan is a NPC character written by COL Talons Pryde as part of the Hammer Crew Cruise competition. She serves as a Alpha Flight Flight 3 crew member.


The crew of the Second iteration Imperial-class Star Destroyer Hammer is a varied crew from multiple backgrounds. Recruited by Lucinda in waning years of the Empire (ABY 14) for her audacity to attempt to steal a speeder from the docking bay. At the ripe age of only 11, Lucinda saw that if this sneaky little Twi'lek was good enough to one, get past the security and two, over-ride the lock, then she was good enough to be useful in a real job. It turned out that Jacinth was not only mechanically inclined, but also had a knack for finding equipment said to be depleted. Talons saw her as not only an asset, but as a valued member of the team and insisted that she stay even without the IS background check.