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X-wing vs. TIE Fighter (XvT) and X-wing Alliance (XWA)[edit]

XvT Keyboard Controls
XvT Keyboard Controls

The original X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter CD came with a keyboard controls reference sheet. Here is a XvT Keyboard Controls Cheat Sheet available for download.

The X-Wing Alliance controls are basically the same with a few additions.

Note: ALT + O takes a screenshot and saves it as a *.bmp file in your game's installation directory, such as C:\Program Files\LucasArts\XwingTie. The file names appear as:

  • frontscreen0.bmp
  • frontscreen1.bmp

...and so on in sequence until you move or delete them.

TIE Fighter[edit]

TIE Fighter contains a lot of keyboard controls, but they aren't as daunting as they look. There are only a few which are used constantly throughout the game, and they become second-nature very quickly. It should be noted that a few controls are specific to the craft you are flying.

NOTE: Mouse control is not enabled in the X-Wing Trilogy version of the game.


NOTE: A joystick with a throttle lever can also change speed.

  • Joystick or mouse: up/down/left/right movement
  • + Increase speed
  • - Decrease speed
  • Backspace Full throttle
  • ] 2/3 throttle
  • [ 1/3 throttle
  • \ Zero throttle
  • Enter Match speed with currently selected target
  • H Engage hyperdrive (and end current mission)
  • N Engage/disengage SLAM overdrive (Missile Boat only)

Combat systems[edit]

  • F8 Adjust tractor beam recharge rate
  • F9 Adjust laser recharge rate
  • F10 Adjust shield recharge rate
  • ; Direct energy from shields to lasers
  • ' Direct energy from lasers to shields

Weapons and shields[edit]

  • Joystick button 1 or Mouse l Fire
  • W Cycle through available weapons
  • X Select firing mode (single fire, dual fire, linked fire)
  • S Toggle shield configuration (all forward, all rear, equal distribution)
  • B Toggle beam weapon on/off

Targeting systems[edit]

  • T Select next available target
  • Y Select previous available target
  • R Target nearest enemy fighter or mine
  • E Target the nearest enemy attacking you
  • U Target the newest craft in the area
  • A Target the nearest attacker of your current target
  • I Toggle target component display on/off
  • , Cycle through your target's components (weapons, engines, etc)
  • < Cycle through target's components in reverse order
  • O Clear CMD of targets
  • Z Threat display of current target
  • Shift + F5 to F7 Store current target in one of three presets
  • F5 to F7 Select preset target


  • Shift + A Order wingmen to attack your target
  • Shift + C Order wingmen to cover you
  • Shift + E Order wingmen to take evasive action
  • Shift + I Order wingmen to ignore your target
  • Shift + S Send for reinforcements
  • Shift + B Orders targeted craft to board and reload you
  • Shift + R Orders targeted craft to report their status
  • Shift + W Orders targeted craft to wait for further orders
  • Shift + G Orders targeted waiting craft to go and continue
  • Shift + H Orders targeted craft to head home

Information systems[edit]

  • G Display mission goals
  • M Display in-flight map
  • L Display message log
  • D Display damage assessment
  • K Display keyboard reference


  • Alt + E Eject!
  • C Turn in-flight recorder camera on/off
  • V View camera film while in flight
  • Q Quit (exits mission)
  • P Pause
  • Alt + C Calibrate joystick
  • Alt + T Cycle through time acceleration modes (normal, 2x, 4x)