Kyla Typhe

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Kyla Typhe is a NPC character written by CPT Witcher as part of the Hammer Crew Cruise competition. She serves as a Requisition Officer aboard the ISD Hammer


Education: No record available.

Marital status: Single.

Material status: Wealthy for her species.

Family background: Parents were slaves to various Hutt families on Nal-Hutta; assumed dead for over 30 years, but no records exist to confirm – Hutts do not care for creating records for slaves. At least 5 known siblings, but no known established relationship with Lieutenant Typhe (likely siblings were sold to various Hutt families).

Motivation for joining the Corps: Despises Hutts, slavery and any form of chaos (thus despises the rebels as well). Wants to establish Imperial order as wide across the galaxy as possible because she sees it as a way to destroy what she hates.

Incident record: 3 inappropriate relationship with fellow crew members

Key strengths: Above-average memory, analytical skills. Methodical, practical. According to other crew members – extremely attractive.

Known weaknesses: Former addiction to spice. Tendency to use various addictive and psychoactive substances. Lack of technical and/or mechanical knowledge, as well as limited combat skills deem her unfit for any combat position.

Risks and threats: Medium likelihood of return to active spice addiction. Low-to-medium likelihood of rogue actions if faced with choice between Imperial duty and revenge on Hutts, slavers, etc.

Suggested actions: Constantly monitor psychoactive substance intake and blood levels. In case of EH’s collaborative dealings with any criminal group it is advised to increase monitoring measures on Lieutenant Typhe to ensure her loyalty stays on the correct side.

Summary:Lieutenant Typhe is difficult to decipher. On one hand, she is a very attractive and social person, easily establishing relationships with various crew members and performing her duties above average. On the other she is often knowingly taking advantage of naive fresh officers to acquire benefits ranging from personal gifts (likes expensive minerals), through priority seating at cultural venues.

Lack of reliable records from her home planet and her susceptibility to potential rogue actions introduce further uncertainty into the assessment of Lieutenant. While she is over-performing at her position and is valuable to the Fleet, her flaws may potentially deem her expendable for the greater benefit of the Corps.