Lleni Oriandoke

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Lleni Oriandoke is a NPC character written by LCM Witchblade as part of the Hammer Crew Cruise competition. She serves as Assistant Engineer of the ISDII Hammer.


Lleni grew up in the city of Jalalth on the former Imperial world of Lothal to a local mother and an Imperial Officer father. One year before her birth the New Republic took control of the world, during the fighting her father was killed whilst protecting the local Imperial airbase.

Llenis childhood was marked by an attempt to fit in as a wave of anti-Imperial sentiment swept the planet. Her mother did the best she could to ensure that they fit in and that their Imperial links remained hidden from neighbours and friends. In 22 ABY at the age of 16 Lleni left the local educational system and enrolled in the local mechanics guild as she had displayed an aptitude for engineering. Over the following 3 years she excelled in her classes, ranking near the top of her age group consistently.

All the while both Lleni and her mother maintained their Imperial links, taking large risks to stay in communication with the Lothal Imperial underground network in the hope that one day the Empire would rise again. At the age of 19 (25 ABY) Lleni and her month made use of these links to leave their homeworld and book passage initially towards the Imperial remnants in the Deep Core, before changing their plans when they heard word of another growing Imperial force based in the Aurora System, which was the Emperor's Hammer

Upon their arrival on Aurora Prime, Lleni and her mother quickly found employment with the Imperial fleet. Whilst her mother setup a small shop in the main Imperial encampment, Lleni won herself a berth on the elderly Victory Class Star Destroyer Rapier as a member of the engineering staff.

Recruited as a junior member of the team she quickly showed her talent and over the following 4 years became a valued member of the team, rising to become an assistant to the ships Chief Engineer. In 29 ABY when space became available on the ISD Hammer Lleni secured the Assistant Engineer position aboard an Imperial Class Star Destroyer.

Most of her time is spent dealing with the larger vessels intricate systems and assisting her Chief Engineer with overseeing the ships large engineering team, but during her spare time she enjoys tinkering with fighter systems, building a growing collection of droids which are mostly R2 and R5 units that she has modified to help her with her work, or reading the latest holo novels that have come out of the Deep Core worlds.