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Lucinda is a NPC character written by COL Talons Pryde as part of the Hammer Crew Cruise competition. She serves as a Alpha Flight 3 maintenance captain.


The crew of the Second iteration Imperial-class Star Destroyer Hammer is a varied crew from multiple backgrounds. One particular group forms the mechanics and maintenance crews of Alpha squadron's flight 3's flight leader. These 12 women are both beautiful and deadly. Each has the training and the skill to perform any repairs or adjustments to a fighter not only in a hangar, but also in the field. In addition to their impressive engineering skills, they are more than capable of holding their own in a pitched fire fight. Their leader, a bronzed mahogany skinned, cascading raven tresses, burnt almond coloured eyed, elegant built human, was personally chosen by her pilot. Her playful coldness unnerved most of the people she came across. Her name? Lucinda of Jade Falcon.

She stood a paltry 1.6 metres and amassed no more than 50 kilos. Having been genetically bred for her job, she excels in it. No mechanical device, instrument, or vehicle was too complicated for her to master within a week or two of its discovery. Her expertise falls just short of qualifications for piloting. Even with her drive and motivation, she failed to qualify for mechwarrior in her trial. Her marks earned her the right to choose her field. She could have gone second line mech, but instead opted for front line maintenance. This simple choice brought her into contact with Talons.

At that time, he was not yet blood-named. What he saw in her was something no other pilot had. He saw cunning, tactics, and innovation beyond what was expected of a technician. When Talons earned the name Pryde, he chose, instead of a front line mech, Lucinda as his prize. She was at first very displeased. Talons sat her down and showed her his ideas for mechs and system improvements. For the first time in her life, she felt that she was appreciated for her abilities. From that point on, she insisted on being there with him wherever he went. She improved his cybernetics and helped design the interface. Now, as she starts to feel her age, she has nothing but the most affectionate admiration for Talons. If it ever comes down to the unit or Talons, Talons is the always the choice. She personally screens any potential member of the flight care team and is the only one other than Talons himself to touch Talons' personal craft.