Malin Resment

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Malin Resment is a NPC character written by LCM Witchblade as part of the Hammer Crew Cruise competition. He serves as Chief Navigator of the ISDII Hammer.


Lieutenant Commander Malin Resment serves as the Chief Navigator aboard the Imperial II Class Star Destroyer Hammer, a position he has held for 15 years (since 14 ABY). Prior to his elevation to the position of Chief Navigator he served as one of the assistants, carrying out general chart maintenance and serving on the night shift when on duty. He joined the Hammers navigation team in 1 ABY, a year after the Battle of Yavin and prior to the fall of the Empire at the age of 23. Before this he served as Chief Navigator aboard the Strike Cruiser Tellamarine but was promoted during the reign of the Emperor.

Malin was born on Coruscant in 22 BBY, three years before the establishment of the Empire in the waning days of the Old Republic. His parents were local Coruscant merchants, trading in off world goods that were brought to the world by a variety of freighters owned by extended family and business partners.

Malin spent many years as a child and youth journeying on these vessels as his parents had hopes he would enter the family business. These journeys taught him the importance of astro-navigation and was his initial exposure to a future career in navigation. Given how he excelled with mapping and charting work his parents enrolled him in the Imperial Academy, seeing that a career in moving freight would be a waste of his talents.

Malin enjoyed his time at the academy, although it was plain to see that he had not future in combat as his flight scores were atrocious and his hand to hand combat teacher viewed him as pathetic at best. His organizational skills though were above average, and the academy staff took the view that he would have an exemplary bridge crew career ahead of him in the field of navigation, which was advice he took.

Upon graduation from the academy he was assigned to the navigation crew aboard the Strike Cruiser Tellamarine, where he saw his first taste of combat as a member of the crew when clearing out a pirates nest near the Lorinor System. Lieutenant Resment, as he was at the time served aboard the Strike Cruiser for 5 years before being assigned to the Imperial Star Destroyer Hammer in 1 ABY as a junior member of the bridge crew.

Over the course of the next 13 years he held a number of roles on the navigation team, including chart maintenance officer, navigation sensor team lead and finally as assistant navigator which allowed him access to the bridge as a member of the night shift. In 14 ABY after years of exemplary service he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and made Chief Navigator, a position that he still holds today as a member of the bridge crew.