Mirax Brice

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Mirax Brice is a NPC character written by CPT Witcher as part of the Hammer Crew Cruise competition. She serves as a Mechanic, Alpha Squadron Flight 2 (Missile Boat).


Education: No formal higher education; self-taught mechanic.

Marital status: Single.

Material status: Wealthy for her species, age and social situation.

Family background: Daughter of a chief ship mechanic working in the Chazwa Dockyards, lost mother when SL was 3 years old. No known siblings. Father still employed at ChD, above-average record and known Imperial supporter.

Motivation for joining the Corps: Ability to work on the finest starfighters (and technology) in the galaxy.

Incident record: None.

Key strengths: Excellent overall mechanical skills.

Known weaknesses: Naive. Has tendency to blindly trust others.

Risks and threats: Gullible, susceptible to exploitation by enemy agents.

Suggested actions: SL Brice’s direct CO to monitor her activities for any signs of exploitation by enemy agents.

Summary: SL Brice was raised in a model community (below-average: poverty, crime, etc.; above-average: income, education, etc.) by a hard-working chief ship mechanic who wished his only daughter mastered his own craft. This shows in multiple expected ways: SL is easy to manipulate and mislead, has oversimplified and glorified image of the galaxy, but at the same time her technical skill is unmatched within Beta’s crew. Her gullibility can potentially be exploited by enemy agents. However, her loyalty to the Empire remains unshaken and her perfect service record (including periodic threat assessments and notes from ISB trainers on her attendance in trainings on counterespionage) suggests she will report any activity she deems as suspicious to her superiors. SL’s technical skill deems her an excellent candidate for a future lead mechanic for a fighter squadron, but her loyalty and dedication should be tested prior to any promotions.