SWTOR Event Guide: Rakghoul Resurgence

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This will be a complete guide for the week-long event “Rakghoul Resurgence” in Star Wars: The Old Republic.


The Rakghoul Resurgence event is one of several week-long events that are in constant rotation within the game Star Wars: The Old Republic. Like other week-long events, the Rakghoul Resurgence puts players on a task of completing a series of missions related to the story at hand and rewards the player with event currency and reputation the player can use to purchase cosmetic items for their character or decorations to display in their stronghold. The Rakghoul Resurgence event takes place on one of three different planets; Tatooine, Alderaan, or Corellia.

The rakghoul plague or disease is a communicable illness that was originally created by Sith magic. The disease is transmitted from one being to the next through bites and scratches and after an incubation period, the victim is transformed into a rakghoul, able to transfer the disease to others. The disease was first created on Taris during the old republic era and the planet contained a large population of infected individuals. Outbreaks of the virus have been found on other planets and the organization T.H.O.R.N. has taken on the task of fighting back these outbreaks, wherever they arise.


Rakghoul Tunnel Map.jpg


[DAILY] All That Remains[edit]

All That Remains.png

[DAILY] Collecting Raklings[edit]

Collecting Raklings.png

[DAILY] Dissecting the Plague[edit]

Dissecting the Plague.png

[DAILY] The Tunnel Network[edit]

The Tunnel Network.png

Locations: 2 Beacons are located in the Contagion Zone and 3 are located in the infested pathways.

Task: Locate and scan the 5 beacons on the ceiling of the rakghoul tunnels.

The Tunnel Network Combined.jpg
[HEROIC 4] Fungal Corruption[edit]

Fungal Corruption.png