Sapphire Blade

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The blade itself is actually four blades fashioned from a deep blue sapphire found only on the world of Hela in the Phare system. The planet's harsh environment restricts mining of these gems to only one month per year. Since the supply is so limited, only the best of craftsmen work on the blades. Once created, it is affixed to a custom hilt at the climax of the award ceremony.

Awarded for[edit]

Consistent service to one's Clan or Order which does not render recognition until seen as a whole. It is often awarded as a medal for multiple services over a long period of time.

Reference: Dark Side Compendium

Award Authority[edit]

This award can be granted by any Dark Council member or Consul.

Preceded by
Grand Cross of the Dark Side
General Award Precedence
Succeeded by
Ruby Scepter