Scroll of Indoctrination

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Scroll of Indoctrination


The Scroll of Indoctrination is a regular scroll with the name or names of the people one has recruited in ink.

Awarded for:[edit]

For the recruitment of a new member into the Brotherhood. This award may only be given for recruiting someone new to the Brotherhood, and not recruiting a current member into a new Order, Clan, House, or Battle Team. Further, the person must have passed the CORE training. Clones are not considered new members!

  • w/ Seal of Wax [SI-SoW] (5 members)
  • w/ Seal of Lead [SI-SoL] (10 members)
  • w/ Seal of Gold [SI-SoG] (25 members)
  • w/ Seal of Blood [SI-SoB] (50 members)

Awarded by:[edit]

Chancellor or Master-at-Arms.