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General Info[edit]

  • Rank: Captain
  • PIN: 266


The first Kappa Squadron Commander in the "Modern History" of Kappa. Shador can be seen as the true father of Kappa for it was his dedication and hard work in the early period of our history that built the foundations enabling us to grow into the successful Squadron we are today. After resigning his command in June of 1999 Shador had a brief spell in the Reserves before re-joining Kappa as a Flight Member the following October. However, before the year was out he transferred to the elite Praetorian Squadron to see out the rest of his illustrious career. Sadly, Shador is no longer with the TIE Corps, but his legacy will remain forever

Kappa Squadron Service[edit]

  • Time in Kappa:
    • 1st Tour 31 Jan 1999 to 05 Aug 1999
    • 2nd Tour 01 Oct 1999 to 22 Dec 1999
  • Time in Command of Kappa: 31 Jan 1999 to 11 Jun 1999