Shoan Vondar

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Shoan Vondar is a NPC character written by CPT Witcher as part of the Hammer Crew Cruise competition. He serves as a Personal Cook to CMDR/MAJ Genie, Lambda Squadron Flight 1.


Education: Yag’Gdul Planetary Culinary Academy – graduated with honours

Marital status: Single, 5 children.

Material status: Difficult to confirm. Officially – no wealth. Unofficially – leading a life of a celebrity, spending significant amounts of money (acquired from where? Unclear!) on a whim.

Family background: Parents are sports celebrities on Yag’Dhul. Vondar is only legal child (though both parents have multiple extramarital children).

Motivation for joining the Corps: Not officially enlisted. Hired directly by CMDR/MAJ Genie.

Incident record: During current employment: none. Previously: multiple DUI, illegal spice possession, sexual harassment and other charges, but no convictions.

Key strengths: Excellent cook/chef (had opportunity to verify during a dinner with CMDR/MAJ Genie). Extremely easily establishes relationships (though he focuses on humanoid females, but not exclusively).

Known weaknesses: Extravagant lifestyle. Huge spending habits.

Risks and threats: No proven loyalty to the Empire. Unchecked access to CMRD/MAJ Genie.

Suggested actions: Run full background and loyalty check. Constantly monitor all communications and activities.

Summary:This celebrity cook from Yag’Dhul may be a master in his arts, but as any such artist is keen to flashiness and extravagant lifestyle. If aforementioned would be threatened, there is no assurance of his loyalty to the Fleet and/or Empire. Obviously, Vondar is a celebrity and does everything he can to maintain and exploit this status. Vondar is the “star” of every social gathering of Lambda (and others; he never misses an opportunity to “shine,” even in front of senior staff), often using this unofficial “status” for personal gain.

Inquiry: Who allowed CMDR/MAJ Genie to hire him? Who pays his wage (which is assumably horrendous)? If proven an Imperial loyalist, potential to utilize as an agent?