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Position Description[edit]

Persons who join the TIE Corps are initially given the rank of Cadet and the position of Trainee upon the Platform (PLT) Daedalus until he or she completes his or her training. Trainees are organised into Companies on the Platform, each of which are dedicated to a specific game platform used by the TIE Corps. Trainees are included in the roster count, but cannot be awarded medals or promotions until he or she completes his or her training and is assigned to a squadron. Trainees may still complete IWATS courses which, upon completion will appear on their profile. Upon completing his or her training, a Trainee is promoted to Sub-Lieutenant, given the position of Flight Member and is assigned to a squadron.

Command Responsibilities[edit]

Complete Training Requirements.

E-Mail correspondence with fellow Cadets, EH Training Officer, and Flight Officer. (1 hour/week)