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Imperial Navy Personnel Record

	Name and rank:	 	Captain SkyShadow
	ID line:	 	FL-IOA-SQXO/CPT SkyShadow/Sin 3-1/Wing II/ISDII Warrior
	Gender:	 	Male
	Species:	 	Human
	Date of Birth:	 	Unknown
	Place of Birth:	 	Aurora Prime
	Marital Status:	 	Single
	Family information:	 	None on record.
	Social status:	 	Nobility.
	Significant events of childhood:	 	None on record.
	Significant events of adulthood:	 	None on record.
	Alignment and attitude:	 	
	Previous occupations:	 	None on record.
	Tragedies in life:	 	None on record.
	Phobias and allergies:	 	None on record.
	Views on the Empire and

the TIE Corps:

	Reason for enlisting in

the TIE Corps:

	Other comments:	 	

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