Vynn Ordos

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Vynn Ordos is a NPC character written by CPT Witcher as part of the Hammer Crew Cruise competition. He serves as a Mechanic, Alpha Squadron Flight 2 (Missile Boat).


Education: Imperial Technical Academy on Commenor, graduate score 87/100.

Marital status: Married; 3 children.

Material status: Sufficient wealth for upkeeping closest family.

Family background: Imperial loyalist parents, average wealth, no known defectors in closest circle. Siblings attended various Imperial schools and are still in active service around the Empire. Motivation for joining the Corps: Primary: Personal feeling of duty to protect his homeland and re-establish order and Imperial rule in the galaxy. Secondary: Employment stability and benefits.

Incident record: 10 bar fights (4 initiated), 7 late for shift, 1 working under influence (spice)

Key strengths: Extremely skilled with welding and other mechanical repair equipment: capable of quick repair of nearly any hull damage to ships. Good knowledge of mechanics of Missile Boats (primary position responsibility) and TIE craft. Positive attitude towards his responsibilities.

Known weaknesses: Not efficient working in team: prefers solitude. Limited understanding of electronics and power systems. Easily distracted by attractive humanoid females.

Risks and threats: Susceptible to seduction.

Suggested actions: Monitor social relationships with any and all humanoid females under investigation for potential espionage. Work on understanding his role as part of the team supporting Alpha Squadron. Increase motivation/incentives to pass his knowledge on to co-workers.

Summary:Corporal Ordos does not stand out from the crowd, neither physically (average height and body composition) or due to any activity. His preference for solitude results in few relationships established with his closest co-workers and/or Alpha Squadron pilots. Ordos is valued by his co-workers for his particular skillset in mechanical repair, which enables Alpha’s craft to return to active duty an estimated 30% quicker over average replacement (OAR). His susceptibility to humanoid females can potentially be leveraged by enemy spies (both in terms of active information acquisition and potential blackmail), but can also serve as blackmail opportunity if Corporal needs to be “incentivized” to certain actions.