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Worshyyric is a NPC character written by COL Talons Pryde as part of the Hammer Crew Cruise competition. She serves as a Alpha Flight 3 crew member.


The crew of the Second iteration Imperial-class Star Destroyer Hammer is a varied crew from multiple backgrounds. In ABY 20, a strange thing happened to this Wookiee. She had an unexpected encounter with a certain Epis. As Wor observed the brooding human, she noticed he was not only unafraid, but seemed to emanate a dangerous aura. She started circling around to see the human better and came face to face with a human woman with a glare that could burn hair. She spun away and started to run. A moment later, a painful sting caught her in the back. She snarled loudly and leapt up to a tree, only to find her arms were not responding. Seconds later, she was surrounded by Imperial stormtroopers. She growled menacingly as the troopers closed in around her. She felt the first rifle butt slam into her followed by a second. She looked up as the third smashed her face. She closed her eyes and waited for the next blow only to here gurgling from several creatures. She tentatively opened her eyes to see the strange human with his hand outstretched holding the 4 troopers in the air. She vaguely remembered hearing him growl “I gave orders that there would be no harm done to any of the occupants of Kashyyyk. I meant none.” She heard each of the troopers fall to the ground lifeless. Talons was standing over her in a med-bay when she came to. “I apologize. No harm was meant to come to you, nor was anyone authorized to engage.” She blinked once, looked to the side, saw she was with a small handful of what seemed mechanics, and softly hooted. Talons nodded. “Yes, the troopers are not here. I eliminated them for disobeying my orders to prevent interference without engagement. Tell me, where is the map?” Since that day, Talons not only found a smart and insightful crew member, but also one that was especially good at armour and heavy structure. Of the 12 members of the crew, Worshyyric is not only the most well liked, she is the most gentle.