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From Senate Manual 1.57: "The Senate is one of the eleven subgroups of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet. The Senate has projects, activities, and competitions, using fiction writing, run-ons, graphics making, IRC meetings, debates, trivia, and other things. The Senate is led by the High Council, which consists of several people with specific duties that work with the subgroup as a whole. Below the council are the committees, which are the basic unit of the Senate. There are committees for many types of activities, including the ones listed above. Members may join as many committees as they want to, depending on how active they want to be, or what skills they have."

The Imperial Senate was created in 1999 and disbanded sometime before 2008.

Creation Announcement[edit]

Dark Sentinel 55 -
August 10, 1999

Grand Admiral Ronin has gathered articles and submissions regarding the development of the Emperor's Hammer. These include Fleet events, overall EH Plotlines, personal anecdotes, etc. The Fleet Commander wishes to emphasize that all development proposals for the Emperor's Hammer MUST be approved by the Fleet Commander prior to release to the rest of the Fleet.

New "Imperial Senate" Subgroup to be Formed for Non-Gamer Star Wars Fans
As Submitted From: Fleet Commander (GA Ronin)

As quoted from

"A long-respected institution, the Galactic Senate is where the future of the Republic is shaped. Over a thousand senators from member worlds throughout the Republic regularly gather together under the domed ceiling of the massive Main Senate Chamber to share insights, discuss problems, and forge solutions.

In long-standing tradition, disputes are kept within the Senate walls and dealt with in a civilized manner, with words instead of weapons. Every world is represented in the Senate, and even the smallest planet can petition to make its own voice heard. The system has upheld just government and freedom for thousands of years, but the bureaucracy has begun to grow too strong..."

Recently, the Fleet Commander (GA Ronin) has received several requests to join the Emperor's Hammer, but alas...they're non-gamers. Consequently, in light of the "historical facts" released during Episode I: The Phantom Menace, a new Subgroup will soon be formed. It will initially be simple in command structure so as to allow room for growth. Although the Imperial Senate of the whole Empire was officially dissolved by Emperor Palpatine prior to the destruction of the first Death Star at Yavin IV, Grand Admiral Ronin has allowed the Imperial Citizenry to reform the Senate in the Outer Rim to assist with the management of civilian resources throughout the Territories...

The following initial Positions (in descending order of command) are proposed:

  Chancellor of the Senate (CH-S) 
  Senatorial Council Member (SCM) 
  Committee Chairman (CCH) 
  Senator (SEN) 

The Subgroup will be comprised of an "unlimited" number of Senators. When a Senator joins Imperial Senate Subgroup, he/she will select a planet of origin (worlds from existing, published Star Wars sources or the EH Systems Manual MUST be used...!).

The main activities are anticipated to initially include:

  Online Meetings/Debates 
  Message Board Posting 
  General Fiction Submissions for the EH Newsletters 
  Star Wars Trivia 
  Run-On stories 

Nighthawk has been selected as the first Chancellor of the Senate. Congratulations!

With the recent resurgence of Star Wars fandom, this newest Subgroup promises to be one of the most active and dynamic.

GA Ronin
Fleet Commander/Founder - Emperor's Hammer
FC/GA Ronin/CS-1/SSSD Sovereign
MoH/IC/MoT-2rh/8gh/MoI-dc, DJP(Sith) [IWATS] [OV-4E]