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The system’s natives long saw Lears as a mirror image of their homeworld, Sahare, a sacred place of magic and mystery. Most cultures deemed it home to their lesser gods and residence of the honoured dead. Though the old ways have largely been abandoned some still refuse to tread the planet at night for fear of being assailed by spirits offended by the intrusion of the living.

Lears was first colonized in 122 BBY, its population growing by leaps and bounds in subsequent decades due to government sponsored migration. Imperial expansion became a patriotic duty, and vast tracts of free land a definite draw to the overcrowded urban dwellers. The colonists, intrepid and independent spirits to begin with, proved less loyal than hoped at the outset of the Karanan Civil War. Overthrowing the colonial government, they formed their own democratic nation and defiantly continued the Reformist struggle lost on Sahare. The Emperor’s Hammer has established a strong presence on this world since annexing the system. COMPNOR reeducation centers, Intelligence operations, strict traffic control between Sahare and Lears, and the elite troops of the Hammer’s Fist have all been employed in the continuing effort to eradicate resistance to the New Order.

Before the Exodus the planet was also home to Taldryan’s Krath House, House Ektrosis]. The Dark Jedi kept a vast library on the surface as well as a Clan artifact, the Orb of Pomojema, in the Ektrosis-constructed Temple of Pomojema.