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Sahare has been the site of massive cultural upheaval since its bloody unification over two centuries ago. Some thirty years ago, the Vodaha government began restructuring Karanan society by specializing the functions of the three major landmasses. Disproportionate development and continued adherence to ancient caste systems resulted in one focusing increasingly on agriculture, another on scientific pursuits, and another on industrial production. This social experimentation proved efficient on paper, but caused growing resentment of the government’s absolute power, and was a main contributor to the eventual fourteen-year civil war over democratic reforms. The conflict, already shifting inexorably in favour of the Vodaha, was put to a swift end by the arrival of the Emperor’s Hammer on their side. Having seen the technological superiority of the Imperials, and with much in common ideologically, the Karanans readily agreed to annexation.

The government was restructured to include the Emperor's Hammer's appointed Planetary Governor as well as the former seat of Clan Taldryan. The newly founded planetary capital of Evartet serves as the showpiece of Imperial-led modernization and military headquarters for the system. The planet also boasts an Imperial starport, and is orbited by the platform Destrier, manned by the former Alliance pilots of Infiltrator Wing.

Moon Description[edit]

Myol Bakar, literally “Guardian’s Sight” in Karanese was named after the ancient belief that the moon was the plucked out eye of the Lesser God, Korfuus, set above Sahare to judge the worthiness of souls to serve his kin in the paradise of Lears. The moon features no atmosphere, negligible resources, and a large semi-circular mountain chain held to be the deity’s pupil.

Onalii, named after a great hero of legend, has been geologically inactive for millions of years. The largest moon features cratered basaltic plains with ice deposits in its deeper crevices. The atmosphere is an unstable mixture of potassium, sodium, hydrogen, helium, water, and assorted trace gases. Aside from the remnants of the Karanan’s first hostile environment research facility, whose work went into the colonization of Deva, the moon holds nothing of note.

Akrin’al, outermost of the moons, has proven as cold and foreboding as its namesake Akrin the Strong, the first Emperor recorded in Karanan history. The Emperor’s Hammer has set up an automated mining facility there to extract the only resource of note, diatium, in the absence of an atmosphere.