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Tempest's Tailoring Tool is a program for creating TIE Corps uniforms. This application made by LC Tempest for the exclusive use of The Emperor's Hammer.

In 2001 Tempest created Tempest's Tailoring Tool 2 (TTT2) which was used up until 2021. In 2021 TIECorps Tailoring Tool 3 was released, replacing TTT2.

Below is information pertaining to TTT2. For information regarding TTT3 see TIECorps Tailoring Tool 3


Ttt error1.jpg

This error refers to the EXE not being able to find its supporting libraries and normally appears for users that are running the EXE straight from the ZIP file. The ZIP file should be fully extracted first, then the EXE should be run from that directory.

Ttt error2.jpg

This error appears when TTT can’t find the EXE file for POV-Ray when attempting to render a uniform. If you remember where you installed POV-Ray, back up and go to Configuration, then specify POV-Ray’s location directly. If you don’t remember where the POV-Ray folder is, it might be easiest to uninstall POV-Ray and then reinstall it while keeping an eye out for where it says it will be installed to or specifying a folder for it to be installed to.

Ttt error3.jpg

This error appears when POV-Ray needs permission to access certain files. Click OK to continue. There are normally about five of these prompts before POV-Ray will be able to start rendering the uniform.