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The Emperor's Hammer (officially the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet) is a Star Wars video game and fan fiction club that was founded in 1995 by Grand Admiral Ronin. It was originally launched as the Emperor’s Hammer Strike Wing in December 1994 before being renamed the following month.



TIE Fighter Corps[edit]

The elite TIE Fighter pilots that battle with the Rebel forces and defend the Emperor's Hammer territories.

All pilots must first meet the entrance requirements before they serve the Imperial Navy as the most elite and highly trained starfighter pilots in the Outer Rim Territories. Entering pilots must first apply, then complete the IWATS Core course, and submit a pilot file for review. Then they will be appointed to a squadron as a Flight Member.

The TIE Corps pilots are active in single-player competitions (using TIE Fighter, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, and X-Wing Alliance) as well as online (using XvT, XWA, and Star Conflict).

The Dark Brotherhood of Jedi[edit]

The Dark Brotherhood of the Jedi serves as a secret combat and training society for all those interested in learning the ways of the Dark Side of the Force.

Any Member of the Fleet (even those in other subgroups) may join the Dark Brotherhood without a second email address. These Dark Jedi gain ranks within their Order, medals, positions in a Dark Jedi House or Clan, and prestige as they contribute to the Brotherhood.

The Dark Brotherhood members are active using the same platforms as the TIE Corps as well as an active guild on Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO and various games hosted on Steam (Jedi Knight I and II, Team Fortress 2, and Star Conflict).


EH Directorate[edit]

The Emperor's Hammer Directorate is under revision/creation. A combination of the old EH Imperial Survey Corps and the EH Civilian Command Authority (CCA), the EH DIR will become the group within the EH that concentrates on system politics and fleet tactics using new games from LucasArts...(anticipated game platform: Rebellion)

The EH DIR will also incorporate the duties of the former Imperial Survey Corps (ISC) which are the Scouts for the Fleet. The ISC Corvettes and survey ships continually roam the Outer Rim Territories, searching for new planetary systems for the Empire to "liberate"...The ISC typically provides writeups and maps for new Star Systems (in West End RPG format) to be considered for inclusion in the EH Systems Manual...

Hammer's Fist Stormtrooper Legion[edit]

The elite Stormtroopers of the Emperor's Hammer. These troopers consist of highly trained Imperial Stormtroopers that perform special operations for the Fleet. There are currently Zero-G Spacetroopers, Scout Troopers, Desert and Cold Assault/Snowtrooper Platoons...(game platform: Dark Forces)...

The Fringe[edit]

The Emperor's Hammer features online Star Wars Roleplaying Games (RPGs) which rely heavily on existing West End Games Star Wars RPG (TM) Rules and Sourcebooks. So, if you are already a Star Wars RPG gamer and have stumbled across the EH RPG, be advised that the Emperor's Hammer has begun accepting "Players (PLs)" in groups of 3-7, each group is led by a Gamemaster (GM) who all report to the Chief Gamemaster (CGM). The "adventures" are typically set within the EH Territories (please see the Systems Manual) and require a separate EH Persona (i.e. ID Line). (game platforms: West End Games Star Wars RPG Manuals and Sourcebooks, upcoming Wizards of the Coast and Star Wars Galaxies Massive Online RPG).

Infiltrator Wing[edit]

Many former Rebellion Pilots have seen the error of their ways and returned to the New Order of the Empire. Due to the constant need of the remnants of the Imperial Navy for new starfighter pilots, these pilots have been allowed to continue flying their Rebel "alphabet" fighters (i.e. the XWing, AWing, Y-Wing, and B-Wing) and Capital Ships in the service of the Empire...The Infiltrator Wing will be an invaluable internal training tool with the existing EH TIE Fighter Corps when the anticipated XWing vs TIE Fighter is released...(game platform: X-Wing)...

Corporate Division[edit]

The "slicers" of the Fleet. The individual "corporations" are responsible for new fighters,capital ships, weapons and general PC game "innovations" in the service of the Fleet...In these dangerous days after Endor and with the Emperor's Hammer Fleet spread throughout the Emperor's Hammer Territories, the Corporate Division has been given the authority to field small MilCom Picket Fleets for suppression and defense...

The Bounty Hunters' Guild[edit]

The Fleet Commander occasionally authorizes the use of independent Bounty Hunters for the greater good of the Empire...Such missions typically are held in an open forum on the World Wide Web/WWW (i.e. first come, first win style of 'IRC hunts') and include prisoner retrieval, target identification and termination/capture assignments...Rewards/Prizes are earned and Members advance in the Ranks according to their Account status measured in Imperial Credits...

Intelligence Division[edit]

The eyes and ears of the Emperor's Hammer in the chaotic region of the Outer Rim. The ID keeps a close watch not only on our internal Fleet workings but also external threats...Individual 'Bureaus' and 'Branches' of Intel perform highly secret and critical functions for the Fleet...These can include VIP escort, infiltration, information gathering, etc...Although TIE Fighter Missions are used by some Branches of 'Intel', purchase of TIE Fighter is not needed to join Intel as WWW 'IRC hunts' are held as well...

Smuggler's Guild[edit]

In these uncertain times after the Battle of Endor, the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet, located far out in the Outer Rim, must use the services of less than reputable Smugglers to keep our Imperial war machine supplied...The Guild performs primarily WWW IRC hunt missions but some TIE Fighter missions where the player flies small capital ships (i.e. Corellian Corvettes, Muurian Transports, Shuttles, etc...) and gains 'rewards' and thus, advancement in the Guild...

The Agressor Wing[edit]

The selected elite TIE Fighter and XWing Pilots that will represent the Fleet in "official" 'Campaigns' with the Rebel forces (i.e. other online clubs) in XWing vs TIE Fighter battles. Although all AW Pilots must meet the strict entrance requirements presented at the AW WWW site above, they can be from ANY group or Subgroup within the Emperor's Hammer. When a new Campaign is posted by the EH Training Officer, these AW Pilots will then be assigned on a Temporary Duty Assignment (TDA) to the Aggressor Wing while still maintaining their existing Positions...(game platforms required: X-Wing or TIE Fighter for training, XWing vs TIE Fighter for combat)...

EH Imperial Survey Corps[edit]

EH Civilian Command Authority[edit]

Imperial Weapons And Tactics School[edit]

The Imperial Weapons and Tactics School IWATS (now led by the Dean, Admiral Thrawn) has become the premiere starfighter pilot training institution for the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet...The IWATS 'classes' are held on Sif in the Phare System and conduct starfighter training exercises near Baldyr, a moon of Ullyr (see the EH Systems Manual for a description of the Phare System)...There are already a dozen "courses" available for EH Members to take including Fighter Identification, XWing vs TIE Fighter tactics, EH Mission design and HTML website editing/creation...Several "Majors" are also available...The courses included in the IWATS training program are highly recommended for all EH Members...Also note, that successful completion of the basic IWATS training is required to be accepted into the Aggressor Wing...

Combat Operations Office[edit]

Dark Jedi Shadow Academy[edit]

The Shadow Academy seeks to train young Dark Jedi in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force...The Shadow Academy, located on Aurora Prime, is the primary training facility for new members of the Brotherhood of the Dark Jedi. At the Shadow Academy, new Apprentices will be trained by more powerful Dark Jedi in the ways of the Force as they begin their journey toward the Dark Side.

Grand Master's Royal Guard[edit]

The Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood has been granted the privilege of creating an elite cadre of Dark Jedi for the purposes of training and online gameplay to represent the Emperor's Hammer. Although other facets of the Club can use Jedi Knight as a game platform, the Grand Master's Royal Guard will represent the Hammer in most online contests against other clubs...

Carrida Stormtrooper Military Academy[edit]

The Carrida Stormtrooper Academy teaches the Stormroopers of the Hammer's Fist the essential skills to survive in a post-Endor Empire. Training includes gaming hints, editing of Dark Forces and Quake (w/Star Wars 'patches') and assignment to specific platoons. Rewards include classifications and certifications.

EH XvT/JK Competition Ladder[edit]

The EH XWing vs. TIE Fighter (XvT)/Balance of Power (BoP) and Jedi Knight (JK)/Mysteries of the Sith (MoS) Competition Ladder allows ANY Member of the Emperor's Hammer to enter an internal online slugfest. Players signup and then meet each other online to win matches in these game platforms and gain points and thus advancement up the Ladder. If you really think you are that good, sign up!...(game platforms: Jedi Knight, X-wing vs. TIE Fighter)

Infiltrator Wing Elite Guard[edit]

The IW Elite Guard is the Infiltrator Wing's XWing vs TIE Fighter (XvT) branch of operations, fighting the TIE Fighter Corps and Rebel Squadrons. The rank structure is non-com ranks, so not to confuse them w/ regular IW ranks. The IW-Chief Warrant Officer is in charge of all IW-GRD operations and works with the RS Liaison Officer (a member of the RS) to set up fun rival competitions between the two fleets.

EH Advanced Guard[edit]

As "Ambassadors" of the Emperor's Hammer, the EH Advanced Guard is comprised of only the most trusted and loyal Imperials. The EH Advanced Guard represents the Emperor's Hammer to various online clubs, magazines, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), WWW sites, etc. In addition, the Ambassadors of the Advanced Guard have made recruitment of new Imperials to the Emperor's Hammer their primary goal. The Advanced Guard is led by the Lord Ambassador (LA) and the Ambassadors (AM).

Imperial Senate[edit]

Recently, the Fleet Commander (GA Ronin) has received several requests from non-gamers to join the Emperor's Hammer. Consequently, in light of the "historical facts" released during Episode I: The Phantom Menace, a new Subgroup will soon be formed. It will initially be simple in command structure so as to allow room for growth. Although the entire Imperial Senate was officially dissolved by decree of Emperor Palpatine just prior to the destruction of the first Death Star at Yavin IV, Grand Admiral Ronin has allowed the Imperial Citizenry to reform the Imperial Senate in the Outer Rim to assist with the management of civilian resources throughout the Territories and to free the Fleet's military structure to defeating the ever-lingering Rebellion.

The Subgroup will be comprised of an "unlimited" number of Senators (but remember the one EH ID Line/email address rule...!). When a Senator joins Imperial Senate Subgroup, he/she MUST select a planet of origin (ONLY worlds/systems from existing, published Star Wars sources or the EH Systems Manual may be used...!).

EH: Star Wars CCG[edit]

In order to provide a decidedly "Imperial perspective" to the popular Star Wars Customizable Card Game (SW:CCG) produced by Decipher, the newest Subgroup has been added to the Emperor's Hammer. EH:CCG will utilize existing published cards in online, real-time CCG gameplay.

Fleet Naval Corps[edit]

The Fleet Naval Corps opened the doors of Echo Company to new recruits. The Naval Corps exists introduce an Naval element into the TIE Corps, and officers joining the Naval Corps will be assigned to command the numerous Cruisers, Frigates and Corvettes that accompany the Imperial Star Destroyers of the TIE Fighter Corps. The Naval Corps will utilize X-Wing Alliance to conduct Fleet Wargames similar to the recent Fleet Strategic Battle Exercise - Imperial Storm.

Outer Rim Melee Night Command Center[edit]

The Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps Pilots meet every Saturday night at 8-11 PM EST to play XWing vs. TIE Fighter (XvT) and XWing Alliance (XWA) online. Meet other players online first to setup competitions via the Internet Relay Chat (IRC)...!

The Outer Rim MUD[edit]

The Emperor's Hammer Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) has been created with the assistance of AD Ryan and Zoomba. The EH MUD will include special tourneys with our online rivals, the Rebel Squadrons and will be essentially text-based online adventures...

The Guild[edit]

In these uncertain times after the Battle of Endor, the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet, located far out in the Outer Rim, must use the services of less than reputable Smugglers, Bounty Hunters, and Mercenaries to keep our Imperial war machine supplied... The Guild performs primarily WWW missions, IRC hunts, some TIE Fighter missions, "Star Wars casino" games (i.e. Sabacc), etc. Members of The Guild gain Imperial Credits and thus advancement in The Guild...

Dark Jedi Brotherhood[edit]

Once a part of the Emperor's Hammer, this subgroup broke away from the EH in 2003 or 2004.


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