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This article is about the person named Tempest. For other uses see Tempest (disambiguation).

General Info[edit]

  • Rank:Lieutenant Colonel
  • PIN:5779
  • Aliases/Nicknames:Temp, Tempy, Templet, Tempestuous, Tmep, Tmeplet, Tmepsels


Tempest has played a crucial role within Kappa Squadron's history. His skills in the cockpit are matched by his supreme graphic design skills. Temp's work includes the design of the new official EH Logo, for which he received the Grand Order of the Emperor already at the rank of LCM. He also created the famous TTT, Tempest's Tailoring Tool, which made TC uniform creation much easier and made Tempest well-known throughout the EH. He is also a skilled web designer and has won the "Internet Office Site of the Week" award for several of his creations, including the current Kappa Squadron website. He was appointed Flight Leader of Flight III in December 2001, and became the seventh Kappa CMDR in October 2002. After leaving that position in early 2004 due to RL pressure, he still remained an active Kappa pilot until the present day.

Kappa Squadron Service Record[edit]

  • Time in Kappa: 08 Dec 2000 to current*
  • Time in Command of Kappa:21 Oct 2002 to 11 Feb 2004
  • In His entire time in the TIE Corps Tempest never served in any other unit but Kappa Squadron Hence why is is known as a Kappa Lifer!