Alejandro Araujo

From Emperor's Hammer Encyclopaedia Imperia


Immortality has a price...

One of the Perpetuals, a group of eternal beings of unknown origin (though it is rumored they were created by an ancient, powerful race, perhaps the Celestials, and some of their powers were artificially induced), his soul and consciousness reincarnated many times across history, his rare presence in the force growing so that its energy, while hidden from force users, still altered his genome and physiology with time, living longer and longer each reincarnation, he'll eventually be rendered effectively immortal due to extremely rapid and efficient cellular regeneration.

Wandering the Galaxy on each reincarnation, traveled among the different peoples of many races. At first an observer of triumphs and follies, soon begun to help where he could, unconsciously and partly using the wisdom, experience and knowledge he acquired on each of his past lives, partly using the skills he was granted. On each reincarnation, he dedicated to help spread efficient government, crop management, animal husbandry, technology and peace. He used his influence carefully, at first adopting only the guise of a normal man, and when his lifespan became longer, he acted without revealing his true nature, sometimes adopting the persona of a great leader or advisor. In times of trouble he became a crusader, a religious leader or even a local messiah, at other times He remained a back-stage contributor to events, an advisor to kings, a court magician, a pioneering scientist.

Many of the guises or lives he adopted were humble, others became monumental figures of local or regional history or religion. At times of crisis he would be there, steering mainly the human race along a narrow path to survival that only he could see.

Despite his best efforts to promote peace and harmony across Coruscant first, and then the Galaxy at large, the instinctive values of martial honor, ambition, defiance, and self-satisfaction could never be eradicated from living beings and specially, from humanoid character. Fearful of being discovered, he didn't hesitate to make difficult, even immoral decisions to ensure his survival until he could fulfill his self-imposed quest to save living beings. Sometimes this meant going into self exile and once this happened, he was quickly forsaken.

Some of his plans proved less than successful; seeds of wisdom often failed to flourish or grew into uncontrollable monstrosities leading to eras of persecution and war. He realized humanity needed law, order and the guidance of a ruler to reach its full potential. He hoped for the sith , the Jedi, even the Mandalorians to bring this order. Each live he came to same conclusions and sought law and order and on his current reincarnation, he saw this order finally coming with the Galactic Empire.

Current life: This reincarnation saw him coming to life in 22 ABY on Coruscant.