Battle Team Leader

From Emperor's Hammer Encyclopaedia Imperia

A Battleteam (BT) are the basic organizational unit within the Dark Brotherhood and fall under the command of a Battleteam Leader (BTL). These teams are grouped within a particular House. The teams can consist of up to eleven (11) Battleteam Members (BTM) and a Leader.


The Battleteam Leader may award the following medals for sanctioned Battleteam competitions:


  • Battleteam Leaders are appointed by the House Summit with approval from the Master-At-Arms.
  • The suggested appointment rank for Battleteam Leaders is Acolyte (ACO).

Duties of the Battleteam Leader[edit]

The Battleteam Leader is responsible for the overall welfare of his or her team. This includes:

  • keeping members motivated and active.
  • maintaining a Battleteam website with roster, events, etc.
  • running competitions within and outside the team.
  • forwarding any communications from higher in the command chain to team members.
  • reporting to the House Summit on a regular basis.
  • making promotion and/or award recommendations for members where appropriate.
  • setting an example, both in conduct and activity (i.e. following the Articles of War, participating in competitions, on message boards, etc).
  • promoting competitions and other events within the Dark Brotherhood.