Dark Cross

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Dark Cross
Award Information


Award Classification:

General Award

Top Recipients:
  • SBL Abel Malik x16
  • SBM Anahorn Dempsey x8
  • SWL Arion Sunrider x8
  • SK Horus Blackheart x8
  • DSM Exar Kit x7
  • SK Rico Stone x7
  • DA Zeth Durron x7
  • SBM Zsinj x7
  • SBM Azurin Luna x6
  • DSN Scoser x6

Dark Brotherhood

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The basic merit award of the Brotherhood.

Reference: Dark Side Compendium

Awarded for[edit]

Good House or Battle Team activity, usually signified with a strong IRC presence, creation of House or Battle Team fiction or graphics, or participation in competitions and events.


After the fifth upgrade, every Dark Cross earned thereafter adds another diamond to the Cross, thus a person may have: DC-KC-O-CS-Dx2.

Upgrade Image
w/ Knight's Cross (KC) (Second Award) Dckc.png
w/ Oak Leaf Cluster (O) (Third Award) Dcolc.png
w/ Crossed Swords (CS) (Fourth Award) Dccs.png
w/ Diamond (D) (Fifth and beyond) Dcd.png

Award Authority:[edit]

Any Dark Council Member, Consul, Proconsul, or Battle Team Leader.

Preceded by
General Award Precedence
Succeeded by
Star of Eos