Bronze Star of the Empire

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Bronze Star of the Empire
Award Information


Award Classification:

Merit Award

Top Recipients:
  • GN Abel Malik x20
  • COL Ric Hunter x16
  • COL Brucmack x15
  • GN Dax Corrin x15
  • LC Elwood the Brave x15
  • HA Anahorn Dempsey x13
  • COL Nightmare x13
  • COL Scoser x13
  • MAJ Prinz von Hoffman x12
  • COL Zósite Kónstyte Styles x12

Emperor's Hammer

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The Bronze Star is a Merit Award in the Emperor's Hammer. As with most of the lower precedence Merit Awards, the Bronze Star is typically only awarded in the TIE Corps as the rest of the subgroups use their own award system.


The Training Manual states that, "The Bronze Star of the Empire may be awarded to any member for extraordinary service to a particular Wing or equivalent sized group of units. This will typically be an award to a member for aiding the officers of these groups in their duties."

Reference: EH Training manual

Award Authority[edit]

This award can be granted by any Wing Commander or equivalent command position.



Preceded by
Palpatine Crescent
Merit Award Precedence
Succeeded by
Silver Star of the Empire